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  • Hey! I have an Old Firefox. I got a "start page" when it'd become available, but it seems to have a preset search engine in it.
    Can I change it? I tried general settings and "managing search plugins" - it's not there... Nor through custom settings for that "Yandex-bar"... (Just had a hard half-hour trying to revert after a mistake. :doh: )
    Here's that sp's code:

    `<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://yasearch/skin/ftab/ftab.css" type="text/css"?>
    <!DOCTYPE window [
    <!ENTITY % yasearchFTabDTD SYSTEM "chrome://yasearch/locale/ftab/ftab.dtd" >
    <!ENTITY % yasearchLinksDTD SYSTEM "chrome://yasearch/locale/links/links.dtd" >

    <window xmlns=""
    style="-moz-appearance: none !important; background: #fff !important;">

    <html:link id="favicon" rel="icon" type="image/png" href="chrome://yasearch/content/first-start/images/fastdial_icon.png"/>

    <tooltip id="ftabTooltip" onpopupshowing="return false"/>

    <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://global/content/nsDragAndDrop.js" defer="true"/>
    <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://global/content/nsTransferable.js" defer="true"/>

    <script type="application/x-javascript;version=1.7" src="chrome://yasearch/content/ftab/ftab.js"/>

    <stack id="container-stack" hidden="true" flex="1" style="overflow:auto" tooltip="ftabTooltip">
    <div xmlns="" id="container">
    <table id="table-container"><tr><td>
    <div id="search-container">
    <hbox xmlns=""
    style="width:100%; -moz-box-align:center; margin: 25px auto 16px auto;">

            <html:a id="search-container-link"
                    onclick="return YaFTab.openYandexPage(event);"/>
            <textbox id="ftab-search-box"
            <button label="&;" oncommand="YaFTab.doSearch()"/>
        <div id="thumbs-container" style="margin: 0 auto;"/>
    <hbox id="editor" flex="1" style="width:100%; height:100%;"/>


  • Sorry for the mess. I seem to've messed up the browser a bit now :doh:

  • Just checked the security settings in my Firefox (both 3.6.6 and 4.0.1) - and got stunned: in both, there are only SSL3 and TLS1 options - nothing more. O.O

  • Why are you using such a dated version of the browser? Of course there are bound to be security issues with FF 3 and 4. Why are you asking questions regarding Firefox in an Opera forum? Go to MOZILLA and ask your questions there.

  • Thread should be closed.

  • Thread should be closed.

    And the reasons for it would be....?

  • Thread should be closed.

    And the reasons for it would be....?

    Talking about Firefox stuff in an Opera forum. It does not fit. If he wants help with Firefox, he should go to Firefox forums.

  • It's the lounge so i don't see a real big problem in talking about other browsers here, although i agree that he may have more luck in Firefox's foruns.

  • Why are you using such a dated version of the browser?

    I've already explained that in this thread.

  • OK, that's enough, guys. FF does have a forum of its own...
    You know that this forum's search is far from ideal and by spawning threads about FF's issues, it'll get even harder for users to find correct solutions to their problems.