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Opera 26 flash player lags in fullscreen

  • What can I do to fix this problem? 1080p and sd flash videos runs at ~10 fps in fullscreen; at normal fps in window and performance is not affected by hardware acceleration option. Youtube videos are ok. I'm using AMD GPU with 14.9.1 Catalyst.

  • I'm also having problems with my flash lagging/stuttering, but only when it enters full-screen; normal-mode it's fine.

    I'm running 2 monitors, NVIDIA 560ti; it happens on both monitors.

    I also have the problem that if I put the flash full-screen on my second monitor, clicking anywhere on my first monitor will take the flash player out of fullscreen.

    This doesn't happen with my Chrome 38.0.2125.104, only the Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0 that I have; so I have to switch to Chrome to watch anything fullscreen.

  • I experience the same issue, it has been going on for a while as far as I can tell at least in the Dev builds that I use.

    Windows 8.1 x64
    Opera Dev 26.0.1656.5 (and earlier)

  • I'm also having this issue, if I don't find a fix I'll have to switch browsers again, this is a NEW BUG. I also get the "won't stay full screen" bug also.

  • 'flash player lags in fullscreen'

    But no one here mentioned the version of flash (plug-in) they are using or have installed. Strange, very strange.

  • Version doesn't matter. It's a known (NPAPI) issue.
    If you want to, you can get rid of it by installing the newer PPAPI plugin over here
    ... or wait for devs to fix it 😉

  • That fix did nothing christoph! And the stupid thing still exits fullscreen. It's whatever the dev's broke in the previous update. OH well off to another browser.

  • That fix did nothing

    Have you disabled the npapi flash in opera:plugins?

  • That fix did nothing

    Have you disabled the npapi flash in opera:plugins?

    It's only showing up as Npapi, not the other one, whats going on here?

    D'OH! Had the flag set to turn off the pepperflash, I remembered why too, it stresses my laptop too much, makes it too noisy, the thing is ALL THIS WORKED a day or two ago(it's been a busy week might have been at the start of the week) why do they break things?

  • I've done what's been recommended in this thread, but the issue still persists (disabled NPAPI, installed latest PPAPI). Videos still play more smoothly in Firefox, they stutter in Opera and Chrome. Seems I have to wait for devs to fix it.

  • I've just discovered that I only have a problem when trying to play a video on Win 7 64-bit. When I boot to Win XP 32-bit installed on exactly the same computer and play exactly the same video using exactly the same version of Opera, the video plays fine. I have the latest version of flash player on both systems tuned to Opera and the only two differences between the two systems are that the XP is 32-bit and uses the AVG antivirus while the Win 7 is 64-bit and uses Avast.