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  • Opera 26.0.1632.0, Windows 7.

    1. Maximize Opera window.
    2. Open new window from menu or link.
    3. New window has size of maximized window but is not maximized.

    When opened from maximized window, new window should also be maximized.

    Thank you.

  • Can't confirm. New windows open maximized here.

  • Indeed, new portable installation works as expected.

    After comparing the two, turns out this section in Preferences file under "browser" was responsible:

    "window_placement": {
       "height": 1010,
       "left": 134,
       "maximized": false,
       "top": 46,
       "width": 811

    Maximizing works as expected after removing it.

    I recently upgraded from 12.17. New installation does not create such section.

  • How to reproduce:

    1. Start Opera with one window. Make sure it is maximized.
    2. Open a new second window. As expected, it is also maximized.
    3. Restore down the second window and reduce its size.
    4. Close the second window.
    5. Whenever you open another new window, it is no longer maximized.

    After closing Opera, "window_placement" with "maximized": false has returned to Preferences file.

    Opening a new window, maximizing and closing it does not fix this problem.

  • Thanks. I reported it as DNA-27980 for you 🆙

  • No need to open a new second window, here.

    1. Start Opera and resize it's window.
    2. Close Opera
    3. Start Opera and notice the resized state of step 1
    4. Maximize Opera
    5. Close Opera
    6. Start Opera and notice that it still is in the state of step 1 instead of being maximized.

    This is affecting Opera 25.0.1614.50 and Opera 26.0.1646.0.

    I will mail this to DNA-27980.

  • I will mail this to DNA-27980.

    Thanks. We got it 😉
    It's gonna be fixed soon-ish I guess 🆙

  • Fixed now.

  • Not fixed in 26.0.1655.0 here which opera://about/ claims is up to date.

  • Hopefully next stable release will include the fix.

  • Fixed in Opera 26.0.1656.5. 🙂

  • Your problem seems to be distinct from mine.

    DNA-27980 still occurs in 26.0.1656.5 and is not mentioned in the change log.

    This only difference now is that opening a new window, maximizing and closing it temporarily fixes the problem, but only until you repeat the five steps. Also, once you have triggered the bug, new private windows no longer open maximized.

  • Confirmed. I can reproduce that bug with your steps.

    So the steps I described show an different bug and actually I found that it's not fully fixed in Opera 26.0.1656.5 as I found a different set of steps to see a similar issue (if I consider that to be the same bug as the one visible by my previous steps).

  • Drag the window to the top to maximize it, than close the browser and it will keep maximized.

  • That is either unrelated to the problem reported as DNA-27980, or, if it was meant as a solution to fix it, only temporarily does so as explained and confirmed in the two posts above yours.