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  • Greetings, this is my first post here.

    I am seriously thinking about migrating from Firefox to Opera. My one big reservation is this: I have a massive amount of research stored, in part, as Firefox Session Manager sessions. Is there any reasonable way to get that session data into Opera?


  • Afaik, this is not possible.

  • Thanks. Apparently the Firefox Session Manager add-on has a supplemental add-on that exports sessions to bookmarks (html) Of course, you lose a lot of the session information, but at least you retain the links as they appeared when the session was saved.

    Will Opera import from a bookmarks file? (I think so. 🙂

  • Originally posted by vlmemis:

    Will Opera import from a bookmarks file?

    Opera 12.16 or earlier does. For Opera 18 you have to open the HTML file and drag or open each link to get it to your bookmarks. There are no sessions in Opera 18 — use Opera 12.16.

  • Wow, thanks. But ... that doesn't sound like much of an incentive/reason to switch to Opera. Am I missing something?

  • Originally posted by vlmemis:

    Wow, thanks. But ... that doesn't sound like much of an incentive/reason to switch to Opera. Am I missing something?

    About all that you are missing is the fact that Opera 18 is still under development. Opera decided to ditch the older Presto engine for the Webkit Blink engine and is currently rewriting the browser upon that base code. Many features which took years to develop in the older browser have not yet been returned and the truth is, we don't know what will and will not be added to the new browser.

  • The migration path will also be easier if you import your bookmarks into Opera 12.

    If you organise and save your sessions in Opera 12, when/if you want to install Opera 18, 19, 20, or whatever, the sessions can be imported as folder groups in the speed dial.

    I hope we will see sessions later, as they are quite powerful, but I could live without them. There are other ways, such as organising bookmarks in folders, and then opening all bookmarks in a folder. Or, as suggested, adding a session as a speed dial folder and opening the speed dial folder at one go.

    See a list of features, which experienced Opera users regard as essential before they will upgrade to Opera 18 or later.

    Although I have Opera 12, 18, 19, and 20 installed, I still use Opera 11.64 as my default browser.

  • Thanks (again 🙂

    There is a product called Linkman that handles bookmarks, probably better than any of the major native browsers. The goal is cross-browser unity/synchronization, and just plain better bookmark handling. I'll look further into that.

  • I was about to comment about the Firefox Session Manager supplemental add-on for exporting, but saw some users saying it doesn't work in Firefox latest versions...

    While Opera 18+ doesn't support sessions as a separate feature, you could use the Speed Dial groups to store them, I use it in that way (right-click the tab bar -> Save as Speed Dial group).
    You could also use traditional bookmark folders but it lacks a "Save all open tabs in a bookmarks folder" function. :faint:
    Another option is to grab a session manager extension for Opera form either the Opera or Chrome's extension catalog.

    There's no function to import bookmarks from other browsers directly until now, but there are workarounds such as using Chromium to generate the bookmarks file or using an extension like XMarks sync you could sync everything from Firefox bookmarks bar folder to Opera's bookmarks bar.