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  • This here is the reason I've been using Comodo Dragon and IceDragon.

    how well alone does Opera protect you from:

    • rouge web content (flash, JS, cookies, all meant to track and harm you)
    • known bad web sites
    • malware

    Comodo Dragon and IceDragon protected you from most of these with (in order of the above list)

    • privdog
    • comodo DNS
    • built-in malware protection

    Opera 12 seems to have had higher security standards than later builds.
    for one, you had automated dialogs for cookies and was able to allow JS on various pages.

    with the new chrome engine (which has lower security (I rate the lowest)),
    I was expecting buttons at the end of the url bar which notified you if you havn't allowed cookies or JS.
    (Comodo Dragon even does this)

    but nope, you have to browse to the settings and manually add every page you wish to allow for every option you need.

    I'm starting to think Opera devs don't believe the internet is a very dangerous place 😕

  • Unfortunately, all browsers have been going the way of convenience at the cost of security for quite some time. For example, it is no longer feasible to use whitelists for javascript, because that would also stop the extensions from working, and unfortunately you need extensions for even basic tasks (e.g. translating the webpage, or saving it to .mhtml). Another example, current browsers make it increasingly difficult to use strong passwords different for each site, as their password managers tend to mistake login form submissions for normal forms submissions and as a result decide not to offer to save the form data. Cookies can still be whitelisted, fortunately, but it is becoming increasibly difficult to understand just what must be put on a whitelist for a given site; the browsers certainly don't help with that. But it is unfair to blame this on Opera, because this is pretty much true for all browsers 😞

    If someone can recommend a browser with strong focus on security, I would be very much interested in that. I am not interested in claims that javascript or cookies or whatever else is a benefit rather that a security risk, thank you.

  • You can go to settings and create a whitelist or a blacklist for plugins and javascript as you've already noticed. The lacking of a button to make it easier to enable/disable something has nothing to do with security.

    On the contrary, with such buttons people may tend to press them without thinking about the potential risks,

    with the new chrome engine (which has lower security

    And what makes you think like this?