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Version 24 : "Edit Site Preferences" ?

  • For a couple of my 'Opera People', who don't want to install [my V/M], or bother with it, I have trained them to browse with JavaScript turned off [a 12.17 feature], then, if a URL is both needed 'in full', and believed to be 'safe', turn on JavaScript FOR THAT SITE. The setting will 'hold' for future use. I just noted that if one uses Version 24, that choice is no longer there! At least I don't see how to do it. Disable JavaScript? Sure. But on a URL, the Right Click Menu doesn't HAVE the "Edit Site Preferences" listing.

    Am I missing something or is this another reason to have both versions installed and choose 12.17 when you can?


  • The extension "Site-specific Preferences" will do that for you for the newer Opera versions.

  • Thanks....ANOTHER 'extension'. Probably as easy to just 'Alt-P', copy and paste the URL in Manage Exceptions under Java Script. NEITHER is as handy as doing it whilst looking at the 'page. So, you are saying 'No' to something simple? These people are a long way off....


  • Thanks Again, '4444'...I do appreciate your attempt to help.

    with Opera", and is going back to I.E., Windows Defender and 'Luck'! The second says he'll "Run version 12 until the wheels fall off".

    I will mind my own business !!!!


  • You can also add the page as an exception for javascript.