Link info at bottom of page gone?

  • I'm currently using the latest stable release (it updated this morning) 24.0.1558.61 and have noticed that I hover over a link I NO LONGER have what the link is showing in the bottom left of the page, a la pop-up.

    Is it just me or has this gone?

    If gone then this is Bad News because how else will we know where a link goes BEFORE clicking on it - big security no-no for years.

    Thanks all
    Still getting the hang of the "recent" version of Opera
    Also no idea if I now have a sig and if so how to change what version I list in it

  • Still there. Note that it is "shy" ... if the cursor is near where it would appear, then it shows up on the other side.

  • Thanks sgunhouse! Sorry I didn't acknowledge your answer sooner

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