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Opera two-step authentication issue

  • Hi!

    My phone was destroyed in car accident and I was unable to backup my data including my Google Auth settings/account. I forgot my password and I tried to reset it so Opera asked me for my authentication code which I don't have.

    So, what now? How to remove the two-step verification as I'm unable to login to my opera account?

  • @greg-wizards Use the backup codes that were given to you when you enabled the two factors authentication.

    if you don't have them, access to your account is lost.

  • @leocg Ok, even if security measures prevent you from logging in to this account and recovering stored passwords, bookmarks, settings, etc. the e-mail address is permanently lost?

    If the e-mail adress is permanently blocked that means this is a security glitch.

    I'm not interested to login with my alternative e-mail adress which I do not use on a daily basis, so now what? Should I change my Opera to Firefox, Chrome or Edge, because Opera's security policy does not respect the user?

  • @leocg Judging by the number of topics posted on this forum regarding the problem with regaining access to your account after enabling two-step verification, it seems that Opera's security officers do not understand that the problem lies within Opera security policy. Lack of awareness when enabling two-step verification is one thing, and a random case, independent of the user is another. But everyone is thrown into one sack. Administrative paranoia maybe?

  • @greg-wizards The email address is yours, you use it in Opera just to identify yourself.

  • @greg-wizards If that had happened with your Firefox or Chrome accounts, the result most probably would be the same. It would be a huge security issue if it were different.

  • @greg-wizards Now I got what you mean.
    Yes, the email address couldn't be used in a new account since it would already be in use.

  • @leocg said in Opera two-step authentication issue:

    @greg-wizards If that had happened with your Firefox or Chrome accounts, the result most probably would be the same. It would be a huge security issue if it were different.

    Propably not, for example two-step verification in Google gives you, except Authenticator, alternative modes like SMS message, Voice verification and extra backup codes.

    About Opera - therefore, it should either be possible to remove the e-mail address assigned to the account from the Opera database, which cannot be recovered or, after a certain period of inactivity, it should be returned to the pool of free addresses.

    If any of these options are not possible, it means Opera is blocking e-mail addresses. The question for what? Because it's not for a security anymore. User protection should fulfill two roles - protection against unwanted access and protection of the user's interests. By blocking e-mail addresses the second role is not being properly realized by Opera. Obvious security flaw Guys...

  • @greg-wizards If you enable two factors authentication in any service, you will get a backup code (or a few of them) to be used if you lost access to your authenticator app and/or to your device/phone number. Opera gives you a backup code too.

    And although some sites allow you to have more than one method to get your authentication code, many of them only permit that one method is used at a time.

    Opera is not blocking any address, it's a matter that can't be two accounts using the same email address at the same time.
    I don't now if Opera cancels the account after a period of inactivity but if it does, that period most probably is long.