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constant updates causing passwords lost

  • @pol3ovatel said in constant updates causing passwords lost:

    Updates come almost every day, because of this, I always have to re-enter passwords, how to avoid this? I don’t want to switch to another browser, but I’ll probably have to, as all my colleagues began to do.

    Same story here.
    Update (which me can't Turn Off and me Really Want To Turn It Off) comes withouit my agreement.
    So after update comes -> opera drops all my passwords, so -> me can't no more trust opera as a reliable base for saving my group of passwords, and me should flex to this (without my will) and use easier passwords.
    So, you fix this, answer this? (bug reports doesn't help)
    Fix passwords and give me option of not putting new curve update
    Thank you, waiting for answer.
    Someone, good browser? Mozilla is also "brakish" now..

  • @murmot said in constant updates causing passwords lost:

    Update (which me can't Turn Off

    Goto the URL opera://about and take note of the "install" path. Then, close Opera.

    Then, in the install folder, go into the latest version folder and rename opera_autoupdate.exe to

    That will disable the updater so Opera won't update on you and so checking for updates on opera://about and opera://update fails.

    To get notified when there's a new update for Opera, subscribe to the RSS feed at and watch for updates to Opera Stable.

    When, there's an update available, download the Opera installer for it, launch it, click "options", make sure "install path" is set to your existing install so that the button says "upgrade", and upgrade. Then, rename opera_autoupdate.exe in the new version folder. And, you can delete the old version folders and old launchers if you want. Doing things this way, it's the installer itself updating the files and not the updater fetching an update and applying it.

  • Opera and its updater don't wipe out passwords when Opera updates. If this is happening, there's something wrong and something is preventing the updater (and or Opera) from functioning properly during an update.

    Your profile might be corrupted. Goto the URL opera://about, take note of the "profile" path, close Opera, and rename the profile folder to start all over with a fresh profile.

    You might need to uninstall and reinstall Opera just in case something is corrupted with Opera's program files.

    The file and folder read and write permissions for the profile folder and everything in it might be messed up. Check the security of the files and folders to make sure your user has full read and write access to them. Make sure they're not set to read-only. Check Opera's install folder too.

    If you're using Opera Sync, start with a new profile in Opera and don't use Opera Sync anymore. Sync can be funny, especially if you sync settings.

    There could be security software on your computer that's interfering with Opera. You can add Opera's install, profile, and cache folders to the exception list of your anti-virus etc.

    You might have some corrupted system files. You can check and fix them.

    You can use to check the health of your hard drive. If it's bad, it could cause corruption sometimes with files and cause updates to break things.

  • @donq Opera remembers passwords after closing. passwords are reset for all sites. I only use opera on one PC.

  • @pol3ovatel What do you mean by passwords are reset?

  • @leocg said in constant updates causing passwords lost:

    @pol3ovatel What do you mean by passwords are reset?

    Most likely he means that after update all passwords are lost - this was answer to my question about all or specific sites.

  • @donq But the answer also says that Opera remember the passwords, so I asked to clarify if they are remembered or if they are lost

  • @leocg FWIW, I interpreted the comment as Opera remembers passwords when closing, but passwords for all sites are remove/deleted/cleared/gone when Opera updates. As in, it's only when updating.

  • The passwords are reset from the "password base"
    The are needed to be Reputed (reentered) in the site and it is not saved in the opera pass word base.

  • @murmot And that happens every time Opera updates?

  • @leocg now my opera does not update (and it not done so easily just turning off the update button in the optiosn) Oh Nooo, it is done via Guides and CMD commands !!!
    wasted 1 hour of my life.

    And yes, this happened after updates.