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  • I switched to Opera, from Firefox a couple of years back, because I found it to be much faster. I also switched from Firefox after I found out they had pretty much become an authoritarian web browser for various reasons enforcing censorship on users and their own CEO.
    And now, Opera is going the same route.
    Some websites that I view using Brave Browser I am unable to on Opera. They're clearly blocking them.

    So to any devs/employees of Opera reading this, I should pay attention to what I've written. I'll be uninstalling Opera for good, because of your drift into Orwellian censorship. Understand two things, because they're important:

    1. It's up to the user to decide what they choose to view on your browser, not you.
    2. Because of the above point, it means that people are going to stop using Opera and use another one.

    Now if you still don't get it. I'll explain - if you are a worker in an ice cream shop and people don't buy ice cream from your shop, the shop won't be able to pay its bills and therefore you won't have a job.

    Common sense

    Don't censor your users. Provide a service to view the internet with and that's all.
    It's a shame, because the advances you've made in PC and mobile phone browsing and networking between both is impressive, especially My Fllw, but really Opera, I use a web browser to view the web and when you restrict me from just that, I move to another one.

    Rather stupid don't you think?

  • @marcus71 Sites block browsers, very rarely the opposite. And when a browser doesn't allow you to access a site, it usually show you the reason.

    Anyway, see and follow:

  • @marcus71 Opera contains an adblocker (as do many other browsers, especially chromium-based ones), and some sites are refusing to accept visits by browser brands with built-in adblockers. Brave has a mechanism and an "arrangement" with certain sites to compensate the sites for users blocking their ads, so those sites accept visits by Brave browsers whereas they block others. The issue lies with adblocking and the revenue various sites get from carrying ads, but it has nothing to do with a browser maker like Opera "censoring" websites. Your outrage is misplaced.

  • @marcus71 which site you cant access on opera? can you post it here...