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  • I've searched the forum, but came up empty. Running the latest version of OfW, but I've had this problem for a quite a while.

    At some point, I can't add any more speed dials to a folder. The number varies, could be 2, 8, 10, 12, whatever. Sometimes I can't even create a folder. I haven't been able to associate this behavior with anything else.

    Can't believe I'm the only one experiencing this. Did I miss some posts somewhere?

  • @breathingmeat What happens when you try to create a Speed Dial folder? And when you try to add a new entry to an existing folder?

    Also see

  • @leocg It's in "no new folder" and "no adding to folders" mode right now. Drag one speed dial onto another and release to create a folder, they just stay as individual speed dial buttons and auto-arrange themselves. Same happens when dropping a speed dial on an existing folder, except for those occasions when it decides to work. Again, haven't been to relate the working times with anything else,

    Duh. Just read the "before posting" linked posts. Lots of things I should have tried. Sorry.

  • @leocg Followup: Disabled all the extensions, turned off anti-virus, downloaded the latest, latest version (79.0.4143.56 -> 79.0.4143.66) and restarted. Adding to a folder worked once, then nothing. I'll just have to run through some of the other suggestions. Thanks...

  • @breathingmeat I've just tried here and everything worked as should.

  • @leocg Thanks, but it doesn't surprise me that someone who wasn't having the problem, still doesn't have the problem. I was hoping there would be someone who could say "Oh yeah! I had that happen once. It was..."

    As I said, I'll just have to try some more stuff, like creating a new profile and adding features back one at a time.

  • Opera you using Opera Sync and syncing bookmarks?

  • Maybe your Bookmarks and BookmarksExtras files are corrupted.

    If you're not using Opera Sync, you can try to export your bookmarks, delete the files, and import your bookmarks back if you want:

    Goto the URL opera://about take note of the "profile" path.

    Then, goto the URL opera://bookmarks and use the drop-down at the bottom left to export your bookmarks to a file to bookmarks.html. This will export your speed dials too (but not their custom thumbnails).

    Then, close Opera.

    Then, in the profile folder, move the "Bookmarks" and "BookmarksExtras" files out of the profile folder (to your desktop or something).

    Then, start Opera, goto the URL opera://bookmarks, and use the drop-down to import bookmarks.html.

    Then, on opera://bookmarks still, if your speed dials are not in the "speed dial" bookmarks folder so that they show up on the start page, select all of them in the bookmarks folder they're in and drag them to the speed dial bookmarks folder to get them back on the start page.

    Finally, if you need to adjust the thumbnails of the speed dials, go to each speed dial site, click the heart icon in the address field, and select the thumbnail you want again.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for the lengthy suggestion. I just recently started making use of syncing, but I had experienced weirdness with folders in speed dial long before that. I'll give your bookmark file cleansing method a try.