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Blank popup that won't stay gone

  • I didn't see this issue anywhere so if it IS elsewhere I apologize.

    I get a persistent long and narrow blank popup that will not stay gone. It does not matter what web page I am on and it even appears on the downloads and settings tabs when I open them.

    I am using the Mac version 18 and I've used Adblock and run a malware check using Sophos anti-virus.

    You can see it across the bottom of this screen-shot.

    Any ideas to make it go away?

  • I have the same problem. Since Opera 17, the blank popup reappears on every page and is super-annoying.

    First I thought it may be a plug-in, or an extension. I disabled all plug-ins, uninstalled all extensions, but it's still there.

    Please help! I don't want to change my browser (using Opera since Version 3...) just because of such a glitch.

    PS: OS X 10.9.1, Opera 19.0.1326.59

  • I randomly got the same problem 😞
    Try deleting Opera support folders in ~/Library (backup them first or you'll lose everything)
    You can find their position in opera://about

  • It looks like an input method emulator (IME) window at the bottom of your screens. I have only ever seen these triggered by plug-ins. Could you try temporarily remove all plug-ins and see if the issue persists? Also, let me know what input method (keyboard layout) you have. Lastly, please try reproducing the problem from your system’s Guest accounts.

  • I have the same thing. The only extension I have installed is 1Password. I disabled it, restarted Opera, and the popup still appears.

    Has anyone successfully resolved this?

  • This problem is still unsolved!

    It is extremly annoying, I already considered changing my default browser to Chrome because of that bug.
    I already uninstalled all my extensions and addons to have a clear Opera. Even tried deleting all settings and starting vom scratch but still it didn't work.

    Version: 20.0.1387.91
    Update-Stream: Stable
    Betriebssystem: Mac OS X 10.9.2 64-bit

  • Temporary work-around:

    1. Go to System Preferences: Dictation and Speech
    2. Disable Used Enhanced Dictation

    The problem will no longer appear in new tabs (or any tab if you restart Opera).

    We will try to sort this out fast now that we know what it is. Sorry about the problems, guys.

  • Tried the workaround, didn't do anything, sadly. Those popups are still here. Restarted Opera, even restarted my Mac.

    I use my OS X in german, maybe it's also a language issue?

  • maxx102, could you try disabling dictation entirely?

  • I turned off dictation and it finally went away after a restart. Is there any timeframe for when this will be eliminated? I don't use dictation everyday. It is a nice feature that I do use on occasion and just curious when I could turn it back on and still my beloved Opera browser.

  • Hi, i am using Opera 22.0 for Mac and i just got the blank popup on every screen in browser. Any idea how to get rid of it?

    Cheers, Kuba

  • Maybe reading a few of the comments that have already been posted could offer ideas to try, that may work or shed some light on what is causing this problem.

  • Hi, i have read the comments but i am not sure where to find Dictation and Speech and i have no extensions installed either.

    Any clue?

    Cheers, Kuba

  • Hi, i have read the comments but i am not sure where to find Dictation and Speech and i have no extensions installed either.
    Any clue?
    Cheers, Kuba

    Dictation and Speech at System Preferences

    [Dyktowanie i mowa w Preferencjach Systemowych]

  • Thanks, i thought that there is some Dictation and Speech in Opera. Regards, Kuba

  • We have contacted Apple Developer Relations and are waiting for a response. We hope to have this annoyance sorted out fast, but it has taken much longer than it should have.

  • Any fix for this yet? Super annoying.

  • This problem should be resolved in Opera 25. Click the application menu and choose About Opera to see what version you have or to upgrade.

    Please let us know if you still have issues with this.

  • I'm using Opera 25 and I still see that blank small window even after disabling dictation.

  • There was a problem with the fix. New fix coming soon. (Surprisingly hard problem to solve.)