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  • How can I opera and/or the spotify addon so that when I start opera the spotify addon is logging in automatically?
    So far I've to click on the spotify addon and log in manually.

    btw; I would like the same automic log in feature for whatsapp addon.
    My idea: with a single click on opera my usual worksuite (browser, messenger and spotify) is ready.

    If even threema could be integrated I would be really grateful😘
    thanks already!

  • @musicfanatic Here the login is automatic. However, the panel will not be active until you open it.

  • @leocg: Thank you for your answer.
    What do you mean by "here"?
    I'm fine with the panel not being activated unless I click on it. But it would be nice if I don't need to enter my account-name + password every time I want to use spotify in opera.
    With the regular stand-alone-app I don't need to do that, same for the app on my smartphone.

    I was also searching around in the settings of the stand-alone-app spotify. The only probably useful aspect I found was somewhat like "allow spotify to start automically (as a stand-alone) when I start Win". I don't think this will have an impact on my issue. Am I wrong?


  • @musicfanatic Here, in my Opera installation in my computer.

    I don't need to enter the username and password all the time.. Maybe you have cookies disabled or set up to be removed on exit?

    The Spotify app on Windows has nothing to do with the web version of Spotify that Opera and other browsers use.

  • @leocg thx again for your help.
    So far I didn't check my cookies but usually I am very strict in my cookie settings and I clean my history on default. So your guess is probably right👏

    Is there probably a option to set a specific cookie as final/non-mutable/non-deleteable?

    the name of the spotify-cookie is
    The needed "subdirectory" (I've no idea how they are called. I mean the very part of the cookie which is responsible for my account-name&passwort) is remember.

    I would like to continue with my cookie-policy but I am fine with an exception for spotify.

    Thx in advance

  • This post is deleted!
  • @musicfanatic Check the cookies section in settings page, you probably should be able to add Spotify in the exception list.

  • @leocg : I added a couple of websites which are always aloud to generate cookies. let's see whether that does it or not.


    ("Websites, die immer Cookies verwenden dürfen" = "websites which are aloud always to use cookies")

    But I also have a global "delete cookies after closing browser" somewhere. Therefore my account etc might get lost anyway.