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Is anyone using Gmail on Opera Mail 1.0 now?

  • I cannot get it to work. I've checked the server settings but the Authentication options may be off. Wondering what you're using.

  • Is there really no way of editing a question once posted? What is the point of this restriction? So often we want to reword something later for clarity or to explain something better. I notice more and more forums are adapting this very restrictive action. So after posting this I notice there is an Edit option but obviously that goes away after a while. Nice to type with a ticking clock over your head. I thought Opera was about freedom.

  • [Off-topic]

    @rh99 said in:

    s there really no way of editing a question once posted?

    Posts can be edited up to 30 minutes after their creation time

    What is the point of this restriction?

    It's very common in forums around there and it's not something new, has been there for a decade,
    Basically is a way to avoid trolls, a way to prevent people from posting flame baits and keep editing the post to make the replies to look meaningless or even stupid.

  • @leocg Fair enough. Thanks for the update. Hopefully someone here will reply using Gmail on Opera Mail and let me now how they are managing to do that. 'Tis a mystery!

  • Gmail IMAP (once you turn it on at still works with Opera Mail 1.0 with these settings:

    incoming server:
    port 993
    TLS: checked
    Authenticaiton: auto (auth plain)
    password: yourpassword

    outgoing server:
    port: 587
    TLS: checked
    authentication: auto
    password: yourpassword.

    For that to work though, at, you have to have 2-step verification off and have less-secure app access turned on.

    Or, if you have 2-step verification on, you might be able to create an app-specific password and use that as yourpassword instead. But, haven't tested that way in a while. It might now require oauth which Opera doesn't support.

  • @burnout426 I don't use a phone now so I can't use 2 step verification. I could try to use a pseudo VOIP number but Google doesn't except that for Google Voice so I doubt they would accept it for this. Texts just don't arrive.
    I checked my settings. I'm using the same password as I use on the web where I sign in no problem. This is the exact message I get.
    "The server responded: 535-5.7.8
    Username and Password not accepted.
    Learn more at 535 5.7.8 - gsmtp"
    That Help page was useless.
    I've turned on IMAP on the account.
    I should try it with another email program I suppose but I want to use Opera Mail for a while longer. I know its old but its very good. I've tried every single authentication method offered and the server ports are correct. All my other accounts are working great.

  • @rh99 said in Is anyone using Gmail on Opera Mail 1.0 now?:


    Do you have less-secure apps turned on for your Google account? Sometimes they turn it off on you.

    Besides that, in Opera Mail, retype your username and password for both servers on the servers tab in the account's properties.

    You could also set things up in Thunderbird just as a test. Test with IMAP and make sure you use "Normal Password" authentication instead of OAuth2. Otherwise, you won't be testing with the same settings Opera uses. You can test Thunderbird alongside Opera Mail without interfering.