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  • Finished a BUCKET FULL of 'converts' to '24' BM Folders; still dunno why that is called 'Speed Dial'. Worked around a few wrinkles, taught her how to use the address bar for BOTH 'Bing Search' and URL entering. Actually she's taking it pretty well. The only REAL loss so far is when she deleted a BM, it is GONE...not just into 'Active Reserve' in the BM 'SC'! I miss that nifty little far right triangle in 12.17... the Tab I usually leave OPERA open all day and used that to return to closed tabs. I can 'work around' that with the Recently Closed thing, but not as handy. Speaking of Tabs, I don't know/haven't found a way to have a new tab BE the 'up front' window. Otherwise, it's all in The Name, OM.

    Sort of disappointed this Forum has no PM capability [that I've found], but We'll give the 'rabble' cheap entertainment! :cheers:

    Definitely a Forum Topic: Ever run into 'Dale's Ale'...out of Colorado? You can deliciously test your fancy new browser on that one [available at WalMart, here]

  • There are bookmark folders in the normal bookmarks bar, and then there are speed dial folders, that is, folders on the Speed Dial itself, that you create by dragging one speed dial bookmark/thumbnail on top of another. I can't tell which you're referring to. The Speed Dial is called that, because you get very quick access to a lot of items on the Speed Dial. It's easier and faster to open for me than from the Bookmarks Bar. I guess that's because normally, the cursor is closer to the speed dial.

  • Finished a BUCKET FULL of 'converts' to '24' BM Folders; still dunno why that is called 'Speed Dial'....
    Sort of disappointed this Forum has no PM capability [that I've found], but We'll give the 'rabble' cheap entertainment!
    Definitely a Forum Topic: Ever run into 'Dale's Ale'...out of Colorado? You can deliciously test your fancy new browser on that one [available at WalMart, here]

    I'm amazed at your wife's adaptability. She deserves to have a nice meal out this evening. :cheers: Indeed.. no PM feature in the new forum nor the ability to create a personalized website as in the old Opera Community. We were so blessed back in the day.

    Looks like Dale's Pale Ale is hoppy. I'll have to check it out next time we're out shopping. First time my "handle" has been used in a thread title. I now feel important so I'm going to show my wife and see what it gets me. :lol:

  • T'anks, Lem... Yeah, I [found/know] about folders on the BM bar, but after around a dozen or so they go to a 'drop down'. Turns out Mrs. Giz likes the visual shopping around in that vast array of her URLs in Speed Dial 'folders', so the BM bar itself is only populated by very temporary or Daily Demand URLs. And I always get the last word, "Yes, Dear". A few single BMs on the bar do her fine, and with her built-in sextant she seems to navigate around in that Sea of Folders in the "S/D" section.

    You got any tricks for making a New Tab be Up-Front one ??

    I guess 'here' we are past the Point of No Return to 12.17..................... though it sure would be 'comfy'

    Was telling my Son in Law about this adventure. He said he'd rather swallow a lizard than learn a new browser. But what can he know, he still uses I.E. !!! Good guy, though......

  • You on SKYPE, Leushino ?

  • Not on SKYPE, giz. And your son-in-law is in sync with my wife (on I.E.). You see... my wife's son (my stepson) is a distinguished software engineer with Microsoft (helped write the registry for Windows 95, 98 and then transferred to the original Xbox, the elegant but ill-fated Zune and back to the Xbox 360 and now One). As a result, my wife is extremely loyal to all things MS whereas I began with Netscape and used every iteration from 3.0 Gold to 9 before switching over to Firebird and then Firefox. Opera has also always been on my computer from 2000 forwards. Today it IS my default browser for better or for worse. My wife will have no part of it and I dare not speak of it under penalty of death (and a painful one at that!). BTW... she even uses the Metro or Modern Windows 8 and desktop for her. She's on a Surface Pro 3 and evidently loves it. I should probably be seeking her help rather than hanging about here but I'll be darned if I'm going to switch over to IE. My best. ☕

  • Too bad, might have been fun. I am impressed with your Troop in Redmond, across the pond from me. I got dragged into this computering jazz to be a mail agent for one of my kids and husband working in Rio. So.... following part of an old saying, I decided I better ..."lay back and enjoy it". My own fun is UNDER the keyboard. My Bride [of 54 yrs] grew this huge pile of recipes, etc... and the scrolling involved in Firefox just about did her in; thus we wont up keeping company with the Norsky's. Those model 12 and earlier P-A-N-E-Ls of BMs suited her to a Tee! Before I found out how to get the MP4's off You-Tube I had around 200 Y-T BMs, myself. I can roll with the punch either way, 12 or 24, but I'm not sure how long 24 is going to live on her computer. Unless somebody corrects me, I found that the 12.17 FOLDERS were dismantled and the enclosed BMs 'converted' individually. Well..... lassooing those puppies back into a created folder isn't a feat for a gal whose garden is still needing care! Dunno if I can do it fer her or not. I told her to seriously think it over. I left the 12.17 App Data files in there and before coffee water boiled I could have her back with her Dearly Beloved Panels.

    I had thought of SKYPE, 'cuz it would not be difficult to 'deny and block' any herd of 'people' that thought they would interfere with us, but...... maybe that wasn't the greatest idea either. Probably be better to say, "it was fun" and be thankful the Forum Moderators were kind enough to let us 'stray' as far as we did. [Thanks, Moderators]

    And so, Amigo, I will bit you a happy evening from directly due South of Victoria, B.C. and keep on truckin'

    If there is ever a, and a Dale's Ale will be shared.


  • T'anks, Lem...

    You got any tricks for making a New Tab be Up-Front one ??


    You were talking about the Speed Dial, but then confuse me when you use the word tab. You know, you can change the order of items in your Speed Dial folder by simply dragging them where you want them with the mouse.

    On tabs, if you press the ctrl key, when you click on a link (or simply middle click with the mouse), it opens in a new background tab. If you press shift-ctrl when you click on a link (or hold down the shift key + middle-click), it opens in a new foreground tab.

    If you simply want to open a new foreground tab, just press ctrl T, and that will do it.

    If you want tab behavior to mimic what you had in Opera 12, you might try the Classic tabs Opera extension.

  • Lin tells me she keeps all of her recipes (hundreds of them) in One Drive. She categorizes them and puts them into folders in One Drive which she can access from any of her devices. You might want to take a look at One Drive. I mainly use it to store my photos (particularly those from my smart phone) and documents that are important to me. And like Lin, I can access these from my laptop, iPad and smart phone.

  • [Thanks, Moderators]

    No problem, and it wasn't too far off topic. Well it did mention Opera every now and again.

    Us Mods are not a bad bunch really, I mean we're pretty tolerant considering the amount of spam and other junk we have to deal with on a regular basis.

    Right, now where's that delete button... 😃

  • Truly sorry, Lem... got too far away from Business. If I right click on a BM on the BM bar, and select "Open in new tab"... yes, a new tab does come up, but it is 'grey' and 'behind', not 'active and showing'. I am used to opening ANYTHING 'in new tab' and having it become the active, front page, visible, page.

  • @gizmo77-77

    This Chrome extension "Bookmarked Tabs to the Front," will do it for you. Any time you click on a bookmarked link now, it should open in the foreground with the extension.

    Now I don't know if you've downloaded a Chrome extension yet in Opera 24, so this will be a good exercise. Once you can get this to work, you can use, if you choose, any extension in the Chrome store, as well as the Opera add-on extensions. Here's the nit on the Chrome extensions to get them to work.

    To download a Chrome extension easily, you need the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension,

    or Extension Source Viewer,

    So download either "Download Chrome Extension," or "Extension Source Viewer," and then you can go get that Chrome extension, "Bookmarked Tabs to the Front." Just make sure you not only download the Chrome extension, but also install it. You can always to that by pressing Ctrl-Shift-E, and then going to the extension you want to install, and choose "install."

  • O...K.....I'll give it a go! This is the last little annoyance to switching over. Lem...

  • EMBARRASSINGLY easy.................Thanks. Vast improvement, especially for Mrs Giz! Wonder why OPERA didn't have that little trick covered.

    Been a long Sunday, Lem... Happy week to you


  • EMBARRASSINGLY easy.................Thanks. Vast improvement, especially for Mrs Giz! Wonder why OPERA didn't have that little trick covered.

    The new browser is intended to work with extensions. Indeed, that extension Download Chrome Extension is Opera's (so they made that so you can use the Chrome extensions). Everyone has different desires. So you find what you want. Now I think I prefer to not have the bookmarked link open in the foreground. So if Opera did more on this issue, they'd have to permit the user to decide, which would make it more complicated to do.

    Anyway, glad you found what works for you.

    One final point. If you like, when you do a search, for the search result to open in a new foreground tab, then just hold the Alt key down, when you press the enter key for your search. That's the way I do it, as I like the search result to open in a foreground tab.

  • Good explanation, Lem...In fact, I am about overloaded. I think We Two here will now be able to work out the wrinkles. I usually only READ forums, 'cuz usually the Techie's are way over my head, but sometimes I get going and when you are a 1937 model, sometimes the brakes are worn down and it is hard to stop. I think I have it about as well under control as it is going to be...AND I've enjoyed meeting you and Leu'.... There are good guys around. I think I'll 'pull the switch' now.... and be snooping.

    Again, thanks...

    Giz, 'out'

  • Strange, I uninstalled that extension, "Bookmarked Tabs to the Front" and for the moment, my bookmarked tabs are still coming to the foreground, when I open them. That's okay, but now I'm getting confused what Opera's default is on this issue. In any event, no need, gizmo to respond to this. Have a great day. Too much techie stuff creates overload. For me too. 🙂

  • Status report. Reached a minor crisis in Her '24', in that having BOTH the Bookmarks Bar and the Bookmark Folder Display [called 'speed dial'] caused battle-field confusion. So I wound up uninstalled EVERYTHING Opera, then reinstalling 12.17...using her backed-up 'bookmarks.adr' file. THEN reinstalled '24', NO bookmarks bar. Next, over two can's of 'Dales' I individually imported EACH of her 12.17 Folders and Sub-Folders, prefixing the imported sub-folder name with a [+] {so she can tell what folder she is snooping through, as she did with the folder list in 12.17}. Made sure the ORDER in the Bookmark Folder Display was identical to what she was used to.... VIOLA!

    Just a suggestion for anyone faced with a similar 'domestic/technical issue'. With that little issue cured, and the Tabs to the Front thing Lem led me to, I can suggest OPERA 24, with enthusiasm!

    Just wanted to make a POSITIVE report !


  • Are you sure it's a viola and not a cello? 😃 Just kidding. Glad you were able to get it all straightened away.