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Any way to remove Youtube top bar? Perhaps with a user CSS?

  • Do you know of a way to remove the Youtube bar?

    And if not, perhaps you could help me with the method of blocking html code snippets from loading, since to have the bar gone one just needs preventing these two lines of html code from loading in Opera:

    <div id="yt-masthead-container" class="yt-grid-box yt-base-gutter">
    <div id="masthead-positioner-height-offset"/>

    Got any idea?

  • Version of Opera? Do you have a content blocker installed?

    The forum swallowed your code, let me see if I can figure out how to do a proper code block ...

  • Use Stylish to write some UserCSS.

    Or Adblock to remove annyoing content by context menu.

  • Sgunhouse, My Opera version is 12.16 and I have AdBlock Plus installed, though unfortunately I don't know how to employ it to remove the Youtube top bar.

    I've tried both Stylish and adblock and they both require an "Opera-browser" - probably the updated version, but I don't want to update since I couldn't figure out how to create custom context menus (important for me) in the v.24.x Opera and the new version also put me off as one cannot navigate through pages with keyboard as easily (shift + Up/Down/Left/R, custom shortcuts for new or private tabs and so on).

  • Stylish and Adblock works fine on Opera 12.

    Add filter rule for won filter in Adblock:[id="yt-masthead-container"][class="yt-grid-box yt-base-gutter"]

    And top bar is gone on YT.

  • angiesdom, thank you very much for pointing out that the extensions worked Ok on Opera 12. I had the User Agent Changer installed for Google to have the latest layout (Google fetches the old layout for Opera 12) - and hence could not install any extension as the download page assumed I was browsing it through Firefox.

    I put these two lines into my already functioning AdBlock Plus and the Youtube search bar vanished:

    `[id="yt-masthead-container"][class="yt-grid-box yt-base-gutter"][id="masthead-positioner-height-offset"]`

    I had to put the second filter as the first though removed the search bar itself left the empty space behind it in place and since it was space that I was initially seeking when trying to remove the search bar, I needed the second filter to do that job as well. Thanks very much for help as I wouldn't know how to write filter code for the AdBlock myself. Consider the topic solved.