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Captchas and "unusual traffic detected" message on search engines

  • Have just started using opera. Was looking for nursing homes but unable to get onto any as I keep getting catpchas 'system detected unusual traffic............' . Having completed the grid and clicked verify I get another one and it goes back to 'system detected unusal traffic etc' . Had same problem when I tried to register for Opera, So had to go back to Microsoft edge to get into email. Have removed adblocker and it still happens, there are no other addons as only started using it today.

  • @penelopepitstop Those are messages from the servers protection systems and usually appears when there are an amount of traffic too much higher than the usual from an IP address or IP address range.
    Try disabling the VPN if you are using it. Also check if your IP address is not on some kind of blocked/suspicious/whatever IP list.

  • @leocg Have stopped VPN does not help. Will IP address be the same with a different browser I do not have the prblem with Edge or Firefox but switched to Opera to benefit from Adblocker and possibly VPN in future. How do I check on blocked or suspicious list?

  • @penelopepitstop Your IP address is set by your Internet provider for your specific Internet connection. Some providers re-assign a new IP to a user fairly often; sometimes recycling power to the modem will cause a new IP to be re-assigned. However, many times, a given Internet provider has a block of contiguous IPs they use, and if one of those blocks gets on a block-list for some reason, the contained IPs will be blocked as well.

    In any case, an IP address block by the website should block any browser running on the same computer (without a proxy or VPN in use), so that doesn't seem to be your problem since Edge and Firefox can get through OK. If you're getting the Captcha consistently at Opera's own site when using Opera, chances are there's something not right with your Opera installation.

  • @penelopepitstop Try cleaning cookies and cache. Try also using a private window.