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  • "Your saved passwords were encrypted with an opera account password which has been changed.

    Reset your saved passwords. You will not lose any passwords saved on this device"

    I just synced my passwords from Chrome (I have been having trouble importing them, and was kind of lazy to do it until now, after searching up and needing a command line to a shortcut). I've never had an Opera account, but I wanted to sync to an opera account because I have other computers and devices with Opera, so in looking for the synchronization option, it said to sign in. I've never signed up for Opera and the email I used is brand new, but I was able to click "Forgot Password" which Opera emailed me a password reset link, I changed the password, and now I can't sync passwords because I don't have an old password that never existed.

    SO it gives me the option to reset passwords on Opera's server (which don't exist), and when I click the button, nothing happens. Just nothing. The button goes disabled/shadowed however you call it, and the alert notification that it can't sync just stays. If I restart the browser, I still can't sync passwords.

  • @michaeldm05 When exactly that message started showing up?

  • @leocg Immediately when I added/synced the account. It refused to sync the passwords, but everything else was fine