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  • I'm am so freaking tired of having to re-log into every dam website every time Opera updates, Why the hell does it give the option to save the login info if it's not going to save it? I've renamed all the update files so that it shouldn't update but it still checks it....I've installed a stand alone version and deleted the update files but it still checks it.Opera has always been my favorite browser but it's becoming a dam nightmare giving me anger issues every time I open it and the screen pops up that I am up to date because I know I'm logging in to everything again..looking for passwords ,resetting passwords...How dam hard will it be to put a toggle that shuts the updates off and leave it up to the user if they want to update or not...I mean you have a light switch in your house for a reason if you don't want the light on you shut it off..well I'd like to shut it off please

  • Cannot confirm.

    Updating doesn't mess with my login sessions at all. Updating just provides new versions of the program files. It doesn't mess with Opera's profile (user data).

    Deleting/renaming opera_autoupdate.exe cripples updating and therefore prevents updating (in normal Opera install and in a standalone installation).

    I don't know what's going on with your setup, but something is seriously messed up. With that said though, I do support an actual option in the UI to disable updates.

  • @burnout426 and again yet another update this morning...

  • @wildch1ld This craked me up when I read this on Operas d/l page... A browser for the real you
    We designed Opera for your personal use — whatever that might be.

    Download now
    It’s free
    They neglected to tell you that they'll update it free of charge when ever they want,that you don't have a say in the matter

  • @wildch1ld In the FAQ you can see how to stop auto-update.

  • @leocg Tried all those suggestions ..there are zero files on my pc that have the words Opera and update in the same title. Nothing running in Task Scheduler pertaining to Opera. This is why it is so aggravating because it shouldn't be happening but it does and know one can explain it

  • @wildch1ld Did you check in Opera's installation directory? Usually those files are in the folder named as the build number.

  • @leocg Yes sir checked every folder

  • @wildch1ld The image says nothing to me. Where is the current build folder? And its contents?

  • @leocg 1.JPG 2.JPG

  • @wildch1ld Strange, here I have opera_autoupdate.exe.

    2021-05-20 (4).png

    Did you try a reinstall?

  • I renamed it as suggested in an earlier post and when it still updated I just deleted it. And that's been months ago and yet it still updates

  • @wildch1ld I can see from the pic that you've been upgrading for a very long time by all the old versions you have. There could easily be something messed up there in the program files where a bug in an older version introduced some file or quirk in the installation. Unless you've manually downloaded the installer to update Opera, there should only be 2 versions listed there (the latest build and the previous). In short, you have a mess there.

    You need to uninstall Opera and delete the whole Opera program files folder. Check in "C:\Program Files" too to see if there's an Opera folder there. If so, you need to delete it. Also, check in "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Programs" to make sure there are no Opera installations there. If so, delete them unless you purposely have extra ones there. Then, you need to delete all Opera shortcuts and pinned taskbar icons. Then, open up the Windows Task Scheduler and delete any Opera scheduled tasks that remain.

    Note that when you uninstall Opera and it asks you if you want to delete your data, don't tell it to as that will delete all your settings and everything. For good measure, before you install Opera, goto the URL opera://about and take note of the "profile" and "cache" paths. Then, close Opera, and copy the profile and cache folder to a safe place as a backup.

    Also, you should delete everything in the "C:\Windows\temp" folder as there will be Opera installer leftover stuff in there. Same thing with "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\temp.

    Then, you need to download Opera again. If you were not purposely using the 32-bit version of Opera, you need to download the 64-bit offline installer from, launch it, click "options", make sure the "install path" is set to "C:\Program Files\Opera", make sure "install for" is set to "all users", carefully read the other options and adjust as necessary, and install. That should fix things for you.

    That should clear things up a lot and renaming the opera_autoupdate.exe file should then prevent an update.

    However, I would let Opera update to see if updating still messes with your profile files. If so, then you most likely have a corrupted profile from updating with it all these years, where you need to save your open tabs, export your bookmarks and passwords, close Opera, delete its profile and cache folders to start over. Then, open Opera and import your stuff back in. That should fix those problems.

    In short, the health of your Opera installation seems poor.

  • What version of Windows is that? Win7?

  • @burnout426 Yes I am on Win 7. As for all the updates I've never updated any manually they've all updated themselves.I guess when I get the time I'll go through the process of trying this