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Opera GX not showing up!

  • Opera gx opens perfectly fine, I can hear it and when I alt+tab I can see it. Just it never opens no matter what I try it just won't appear according to my task manager its open, it just never actually shows up.

  • @dragonlord43432 It is off the screen somewhere, one of the other threads says to press Win+M twice to get it back.

  • Opera.png

    When I open Opera it starts, but Opera's window doesn't show up. It is only seen on Taskbar, like in the photo. Every time when I try to maximize it, nothing happens. I tried reinstalling all opera and it doesn't work! I don't know what to do! I really like Opera and I don't want to use any other browser. Help.

  • I shut down my pc with opera in fullscreen and now it will just show in fullscreen. And When i press f11 it just shows my desktop.

  • As of yesterday, when I launch Opera GX, the startup animation and sound play but the tabs are all transparent. I cannot interact when them on my screen but they still are there. For example, I can right-click on my taskbar icon for Opera GX and launch Twitch and it will. I can hear the videos and everything but I cannot see it. I've tried deleting my session files and restarting my computer but to no avail.

  • I think I found a solution, also it worked for me too so try this:


    Do Windows Key + R and paste -"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Opera GX\launcher.exe" -uninstall (with the -uninstall, don't delete anything)

    Make sure that Delete my Data is UNCHECKED and uninstall the app.

    Download an old offline installer from the links - 64 bit OR 32 Bit:
    ➡ x64 -
    ➡ x32 -

    Disconnect from the internet and run the installers

    Do Windows Key + R and paste -"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Opera GX\73.0.3856.438"

    From there delete the opera_autoupdater.exe, and do the same from 73.0.3856.438_0 or similar if they exist

    Run Opera GX normally

  • When I go to Opera GX, it collapses and does not expand. what to do??

  • @ineedhelp said in Opera GX not showing up!:

    "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Opera GX\73.0.3856.438"

    Thank you so much!

  • I found something that actually works for me. so mine also shows only on the taskbar but the browser doesn't show up on my screen. so what i did is i open another application and then i pressed windows + arrow key left or right so that the app that i recently opened will be put on the right or left half of the screen. and then it will automatically gives you an option to which opened app will go on the other half of the screen. and there Opera GX showed up and can be placed on the other half of the screen. then voila!

    So simply.

    • open another app.
    • Press win + left arrow (or right arrow). your app will be placed on the right/left half of the screen.
    • Then choose opera to be placed on the other half of the screen.
      EZ. Hope it'll help ya'll too.
  • @elgiearnn It helped me!!! thanks a lot. lifesaver

  • Try these combinations:

    • Windows Key + D
    • Windows Key + Space
    • Alt + Space
  • @elgiearnn I tried with "win + left arrow (or right arrow)"
    but the other available apps don't showed up.
    So I took the other app and just slid it to the left (or right) of my screen and then the apps finally showed up

    Hop it'll help !

  • I don't know if anyone still has this issue, but I found a solution. Just highlight your Opera GX, press F11 to go into full screen, open YouTube, select a video, then set the video to full screen and then back to normal mode. That should fix it, if not; you probably already had a video in full-screen when Opera forcefully closed, causing it to bug, just go to the tab of the last video you were watching and change it from full screen to normal mode, that should also fix it.

  • Please i need help i am still having this problem with my opera gx browser..i have done the minizing and thing with the

    win plus left and right to put an app in left side and right side of the screen andi i have even tried the

    win plus D

    but none of them workde so please if there is a fix for this i would love to hear and fix my app cause i really dont like using chrome and everythign i have saved is on opera gx

  • @morj88 I have this exact same problem have you found a fix yet?

  • yes i know theres another post referring this, ive tried everything. ive tried reinstalling, resetting my pc, using the help from the other post, nothing worked. the program is just completely blank, you cant see anything. when you fullscreen it, it actually shows opera gx. but that is only if its full screened. when its not full screened it just looks like opera never opened at all, just a ghost app in the taskbar. i really need help because i love this browser and i dont want to go use another alternative

  • @arr3 Tried Alt-spacebar?