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Opera resets itself as my default browser

  • That's a bit agresive. I want to use opera when I feel like using it, not whenever a program needs to open a webpage, specially because many webpages simply say this when opened with Opera: "We're sorry but to access this page you must use mozila firefox versioIn "something" or Google Chrome version "whatever" and even Internet Explorer versio 7". I'd simply like to buy ingame currency for an online game a play but I can't because Opera won't stop making itself my default browser without being asked and the billing webpage won't accept it. I would very much like to continue to use this browser if you remove this "feature". Otherwise I'll uninstall... I have all the other 3 anyway.

  • Platform? Opera will not make itself default without asking you, and that can be disabled. Admittedly the Windows installer will assume during a new install that it should set Opera as default, but once installed it will ask. (Every browser will set itself as default during a new install, if you don't actually tell it otherwise.)

    Go ahead and set another browser as default. When Opera asks if you want to make it default again, click the Don't ask again box and then No.

  • Thanks for the answer.

    The problem is exactly as I said. I'm here, using this computer, you're there, so we can assume I'd know if Opera was asking me to set itself as default or not. It is not. It never asks for default. And it is always default. That's something we have to agree before continuing any further. Everytime I open firefox or chrome they prompt me saying they are not default and if I'd like to make them default. Opera never does that. And everytime I click a link to open a webpage, it's opera that runs.

    Sorry for having to repeat myself, but maybe I wasn't clear enough the first time.

    Back to the possible solutions, maybe it's a bug of this version I have? This is my installer's name: Opera_16.0.1196.73_Setup.exe
    Is this beta or something? I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64, my processor is a core i7 4770

    I have nothing against opera so far. Seems like a cool browser. But a few webpages I need to access don't work with it, so I'd like my default browser to be mozila firefox for those click-here-to-open-browser links inside programs.

  • You never said that you actually get another browser set as default. Go to Default Programs (on your Start menu) and make sure what browser is set as default.

    We regularly have this problem in 7 - people who want to set Opera as default can't use Opera to do so. Do you really believe that you set Firefox or whatever as default? The browser usually can't set itself as default while it is running - the installer does it while the browser is not running. Of course, Windows can set a default whether or not the program is running ...

  • I found the answer for my problem in the help session of mozila firefox. It does involve going to Default Programs but I had to manualy set firefox as default for every protocol and file extension that had Opera as default. Everything works fine now. I'm keeping Opera and I'll still use it. I think it's very cool. And I hope the next releases are even better and and with less issues like the one I had. Thanks for all your support.

  • @ sgunhouse

    You never said that you actually get another browser set as default.

    But you've been 'clever' enough to have asked whether we'd like to have it set as default at installation!
    Why are you referring to a third party product and its behaviour like Microsoft we should have to take care of instead of granting us the right to change the previous setting of ours, or decision, made during the installation, at present once again??? That had always been granted in older browsers formerly.

    The same thing and right counts for looking for updates. I was unable to locate a possibility to switch updates off. I don't want to be on search within the browser for that option if I can't see it at once. So, again you decide upon myself, now, when I should make updates!

    Sorry, but this unpardonable behaviour isn't that of common-sense-policy. Merely, you are taking us for idiots assuming we all are 20-yrs-old guys who never have known better times before the introduction of the philosophy of minimizing and reduction of the interface functions by Google! However, I can't deem you've got common sense at that minimizing.

    Your latest versions of Opera look like something for kids or else - for old grannies experiencing demencia senil at hospices!

  • Originally posted by cuneiform:

    But you've been 'clever' enough to have asked whether we'd like to have it set as default at installation.... blah blah blah

    Yet another one time poster with nothing but a chip on their shoulder! I know they say not to feed a troll but my god get a life!

  • Also note: I do not work for Opera, I am a volunteer forum moderator. However ... Chrome also sets itself as default, so take your attitude elsewhere.

  • Opera will not make itself the default browser without asking you? I beg to differ!

    I made the mistake of installing Opera 17 on my Windows 7 64 bit machine today. It has not only set itself as the default browser (without asking!), but I cannot now set any other browser as the default. Even when I go into Internet Options and set Internet Explorer as the default, it immediately goes back to Opera.

    I was previously using Opera 12.15, and when I installed version 17, it installed in addition to the older version. When I uninstalled both versions, I discovered that my machine will now not open any browser by default, even after a reboot.

    Is there any way, other than going back to a pre-Opera 17 restore point, that I can choose my own default browser?

  • Nobody said that it doesn't, when first installed. As I said, every browser does that.

    Tell Windows what you want the default to be, under Default Programs.

  • OK so when you start the install of Opera 17 you have to click "Options" and then you have to deselect the option to make Opera your default browser. A bit naughty if you ask me...

    For some reason, I can't set my default browser back to Internet Explorer, but now I can at least set it to Firefox :p

  • Strange, for me IE is on the list.

  • Well this could be an issue with my machine, but IE isn't on my list under "set your default programs".

    It is there under "set program access and computer defaults", but selecting it was having no effect. In the end, the only way to reinstate IE as the default browser was to go back to a restore point before Opera 17 was installed. After that, I was able to re-install Opera 17 and de-select the option to set Opera as the default browser.

    In the course of all this, I discovered that Opera 12.16 has the same install process, i.e. after you start the install you have to select "options" and untick the option to select Opera as the default browser. The difference is that if you forget to do this on installing Opera 12.16, you can change the default browser later, whereas on installing Opera 17, if you don't untick the box then you are stuck with Opera as the default browser for ever.

    Oops, maybe I shouldn't use the phrase "stuck with Opera as the default browser" on an Opera forum 😉

  • Oh, that's not an issue - this is a user forum. We can accept negative comments too - as long as you're reasonably polite about it. Never seen the installer delist IE though, that may have been something else which did that ...

  • I use Maxthon as a default browser but there are still suffixes set to open using Opera and Opera will not leave when I reset those associations. The only other browsers I am allowed to set as defaults are Avant, Safari and Firefox and I hate all of them. I just want to reset Opera NOT to be the default browser but whenever I check no and don't ask me again, Opera resets itself as default browser again. It's bad enough that Opera won't allow Flash Player but this is too much. I may ditch Opera but I like it except for those two things. W/O Flash I can't access games online at websites like newgrounds. Thanks for any help- Jack/keimanzero

  • Hi!I just signed to say same happened to me and to my father too (who is terrible with computers) so I had to go to his home and help him. I find it very intrusive. It never asked me either. I have use windows 7 64bits.
    I will keep Opera because I took the time to change defaults one by one and it seems it works fine but I was going to delete it as soon as I saw that and my father did delete it because he was worried this could happen again and he had to call me again.
    Not trying to have an attitude or anything, just telling I think it's not cool.