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[Solved] [Suggestion] Exclude Pages from "Force Dark Pages" (and other suggeestions)

  • Earlier I clicked on the little padlock icon next to the URL in Opera GX because I wanted to see GitHub's new dark themes. I start looking for the slider/switch "Exclude page/domain from dark mode" that I thought was there, but as I scrolled past the long list of permissions, I ended-up realizing there was nothing like that there.

    Then I go to Settings, search for "dark", and there instead of the "Exceptions" panel I was expecting: nothing, just a global option to force dark mode on all pages.

    Now I'm quite impressed that the feature rexognizes whether a page is already dark, and doesn't override its theme in such case, but I still think there should, or at least could, be an option in the site settings (padlock icon next to URL) to disable the feature on a page, or domain, and/or a panel in the global settings to add exclusions.

    While your "Force dark pages" options is excellent, even beyond my expectations, and infinitely better than all the extensions I use on the other browsers I use to keep my work stuff, and other things separate from my main browser (GX is my main browser, and I rave about it any chance I get): I've never had any problems with the dark pages except on two occasions:

    • one being the Trash icon in the AliExpress cart that's the same color as the background, and is impossible to see,

    • and the other I can't remember, but I think it was either an 'X' ("close") symbol next to a pop-up that I couldn't find (to close the pop-up) because it was grey with a transparent background, or something

    There's also on (that I use for my job), a third-level container (<div> or something) would be white on load, but the dark theme would apply on reload,... I think when accessing the Talk statistics, but I use Chrome for that now, anyway... I'm not even sure it was a problem with the Opera GX feature anymore.

    Those are the only problems I've had since I've started using the feature when it was still a hidden features in opera://flags. It's extremely comprehensive, extremely stable, and extremely pretty. The theme, and the way ir overrides the styling is amazing!

    Opera GX, in my opinion, is the one true browser out there, and it makes me very happy that I can finally use Opera with pleasure, rather than just to look at what features you came up with that other browsers would steal. Despite the statistics, I think Opera, especially Opera GX, is at the top of the list, but maybe it's the fact that you're not the most popular that allows you to put so much love, care, and effort into it, and I thank you so much. It's such a big part of my computer use, it's so stable, so easy to use, the features, and goodies are amazing! From the background music, to the typerwriter sounds, to the ressource limiters, to the GX Corner, [...].

    Opera is a fantastical browser. The mouse gestures, the click the tab twice to go back to top, ... It's amazing.

    I just wish there was a per-page or per-domain way to override the "Force dark pages" feature for those odd sites where it doesn't work. I guess you could also check if a transparent PNG/GIF has a color close to the color of the background it's on, like if a small image < 25 x 25 px has 1 color and transparent, and the color is close to the background color of the container that's going to be applied to "Force dark pages", and to invert the colors on that asset, or something. That would be great.

    Both of these things are ideas, and while I'm at it, the other day I had to uninstall Opera manually because after an update, it wouldn't load properly. The software would crash, and I lose all my keyboard shortcuts. I tried to put the old text file where the keyboard shortcuts appeared to be stored in the new install directory, but that didn't work.

    I'd really like if all the settings, including the keyboard shortcuts, would be sync'd. That would be great, so much software you love, you set it up, and something happens, or you format, or you get a new computer, and you have to reeconfigure it all over again.

    It's really just setting up a database with all the on/off switches, and lists of exclusions, and you could add a field to each record with the version, so that way you're able to move forward, and people's settings, and you're also able to avoid compatibility issues with future versions.

    I think it's very feasible, and it would be another great innovation by Opera, the real people who make internet browsers, the only people who innovate them, and maybe the others would follow.

    You truly are an unsung hero of the Internet, but I just want you to know that I tell everyone who I think could be interested to use Opera GX, because it's the most amazing software I use all the time.

    It's a fantastic piece of sofrware, and I thank you so much for making it, and keeping working on it. I have little more to offer you other than these kind words, and these few suggestions, but I do wish to thank you, and I hope you're able to keep going for a very, very, very long time.

    Thank you!

  • @poorandunlucky Right click on the page > Exclude from Force Dark Page

  • @leocg Well whadayou know... It was right there, I was sure I'd seen it somewhere...

    Thanks to you as well, 😊

  • @poorandunlucky Only one suggestion per topic, so if you have others than the one to disable Force Dark Pages on a page basis, they should be on their own topics.

  • @poorandunlucky I may be wrong but I don't think Force Dark Pages are related to the Chromium flag to force dark pages.

  • @leocg said in [Suggestion] Exclude Pages from "Force Dark Pages" (and other suggeestions):

    @poorandunlucky Only one suggestion per topic, so if you have others than the one to disable Force Dark Pages on a page basis, they should be on their own topics.

    I'm not paid for this... yet.

    @leocg said in [Suggestion] Exclude Pages from "Force Dark Pages" (and other suggeestions):

    @poorandunlucky I may be wrong but I don't think Force Dark Pages are related to the Chromium flag to force dark pages.

    Before it was an option in the Settings, it was a Flag in the "secret settings".

  • @poorandunlucky It's still a flag and still disabled by default.