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Opera partial crash, partial lost of passwords

  • April 16th in the morning (europe) suddenly not all websitepages where loading correctly (some websites loaded good, others kept failing over a couple of hours trying).

    Since it wasn't my inet connection (my other pc works fine) I decided to reset settings to default (restore, since i have the latest edition installed this was the first logical step for me)). After that everything worked fine (also the stored passwords of the websites i wanted to visit) .

    My problem started when i went to modify my preferences (aka dark mode, blocking adds ect)
    After clicking (system) to inactivate the hardwarespeedup option, it said to restart opera. I did and from that moment on i lost over 50% of my passwords.

    I've searched this forum and found the login Data file, and in there i can still see the websites/usernames of the missing stored passwords. But in the list in the browser they are not there.

    This time i took screenshots of the remaining passwords, and reset to default again, but that didn't help.

    What happened? And most of all how can i restore this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • @schemering How did you reset your settings?

  • @leocg
    In the update tab, i could choose update to newer (which wasn't possible because i have the newest version) and underneat theres the option to restore ( i don't know the exact translation words, because my browser is in another language)
    and when i clicked that it just restored to default ( i don't think i could choose what to restore)

  • @schemering And id you choose the first or the second option after have clicked on the restore button?

  • @leocg
    Well the first time i couldn't choose, it got stuck/non responsive and when i checked back it had restored (dark mode was gone). But so far everything worked fine ( i logged in to several websites (those passwords where later missing)).

    The problem surfaced after the restart after changing the settings. Then i found out that i lost some passwords after that i reset again and then i got the option te restore with keeping personal data or to delete everything. i choose the keep data ofcourse.

  • @schemering You are talking about the restore button at opera://update? If so, you will always have the option to choose.

    I'm asking because one of the options erases all your data and could be the reason for the lost.

    Can you save new passwords?

  • @leocg
    Like i said; the first time i couldn't choose (and yes i've used the button you're implying), but even if i had chosen the wrong one, then it wouldn't have worked from the start (and i would have understood why). But it only gave problems hours later when i took some time to costumize the settings and had to restart again (it also restarted after the first reset, and yet opened all my open webpages (as it also did at the second restart minus 50% of the passwords))..

    And i only lost 50+% of my passwords instead of everything.

    And yes i can save new passwords....but some of the lost ones can't be recovered....and yet they still look present in my Login Data file.

  • @schemering Looks like those passwords were somehow deleted.

    No idea on how to recover them.

  • @leocg
    Eventhough they are still mentioned in that login file?