Opera cannot load many web pages (very often)

  • I'm new in using Opera. I think it's light, and pretty fast. However, when I want to open some web pages, I get message:

    The web page is not available

    unable to lookup www.thewebpages.com

    What the hell. I have to refresh the pages several times until its load.

    What's wrong with this? Any fix for this?

  • Do you encounter that in other browsers?

    Are those not loading pages something special or utmost random?

  • Maybe there is a problem with the site.

  • The www.thewebpages.com webpage is listed as "parked" and the domain is "available for auction" by GoDaddy, as rendered in both Opera 12.14 and Firefox 30 (with JavaScript enabled in both). The site's JS brings down an I-frame from GoDaddy's server with the 'parked' info. In Qupzilla, the GoDaddy I-frame renders to a different image and text than either that from the Opera or Firefox version, so the server appears to be returning different results based on the user's browser being used. It could be that this whole process (and especially the returned image being based on the browser ID) is at times misbehaving with your Opera browser, for some reason.

  • I may be mistaken but i guess that the webpages.com is not a real domain but a way to say that the problem happens with (almost) all pages.

  • I get the same thing with the latest version of Opera:

    Version: 24.0.1558.64 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

    Very often web pages won't load, and upon several refreshes, it'll load.

  • Specific pages/sites?
    What is exactly happening? The main frame loading? Content active?

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