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[Request] Press Tab to Search

  • Allow users to type on the Omnibox/address bar a website and the Omnibox will suggest pressing Tab to Search to directly search without loading the whole website.

    I've been keeping suggesting it for a long time ago now. Whenever there's an update, I hope that it would have been implemented, but still not.

    I was a chrome user since it was launched, and if my memory serves me right, I believe I've been using the Tab to Search feature since 2016. I just switched from chrome to try other chromium-based browsers since it uses too many resources.

    I don't know why it's not implemented in Opera when it's a chromium-based browser. All other chromium-based browsers have it for years already, why doesn't Opera?

    This is a very useful feature. It saved me a lot of time. Rather than loading the whole e.g., I'll just type YouT, press TAB then type what would I like to search, and ENTER!

  • @shnx You can add YouTube (and almost any other site search) as a search engine and search in there from the address bar. You just need to prefix the search with the key you chose to trigger that search engine.

  • @leocg Thank you for your reply! But isn't it a bit of a hassle? I couldn't even remove Yahoo! from the y. I tried setting YouTube to asd and it doesn't work.


    And it seems that I need to search for each and every site's "Query URL" to make it work.

    Also, why should a user bother adding them manually when most of the website already done all the work to facilitate users' use.

    And as I mentioned in my OP, Opera is a chromium-based browser too, why it is not being implemented? Is there any reason?

    Don't get me wrong, I like using Opera. It could play 4k 60fps videos smoothly compared to other chromium-based browsers which stutter horribly. It's just doesn't feel right because it’s missing a feature that all the same chromium-based browsers have long had.

  • @shnx said:

    And it seems that I need to search for each and every site's "Query URL" to make it work.

    Just open the page, right click on the search field and then on create search engine

  • @shnx I've just tried on Vivaldi and it doesn't seem to have such feature, so it's not something that all Chromium based browsers have.

    And it works only for sites that support OpenSearch, so you can't use it on any site.

    If you just add the site to your search terms, you will get results mostly from that site.

    If you search on a site on a regular basis, it's easier and better to add the site as a search engine.