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Shortcuts on the home screen behave inconsistently

  • Hello,

    I observed a behavior which I cannot explain. It is related to Opera shortcuts on the home screen (sometimes also named "start page")

    • Close all running applications on the smartphone device in order to start from a clean, defined state

    • Open Opera Browser on Android

    • Navigate to

    • When the page is loaded, add a shortcut to the home screen

    • Close the cnn tab

    • In a new tab, navigate to

    • When the page is loaded, add a shortcut to the home screen

    • Close all tabs and close Opera browser

    • Result: two new shortcuts should have been created on the home screen

    • Tap the cnn shortcut on the home screen

    • Result: Opera Browser opens and displays the cnn page in a new tab. That's fine and behaves as expected.

    • View all running applications. Result: only one instance of Opera browser is listed. That's fine.

    • Tap the yahoo finance shortcut on the home screen

    • Result: Opera browser doesn't open with a new tab. Instead, it seems that a new application is started (without any tabs).

    • View all running applications. Result: two different applications are running: one Opera browser (which was started when tapping the cnn shortcut) and one "Yahoo Finance" app, but it is unclear which kind of application that is.

    I would have expected that the yahoo finance web site would also be opened in Opera browser, in a new tab. This would have the advantage that I can toggle between the tabs. Having two apps doesn't allow me to easily switch tabs.
    It is unclear why a new application is started.

    Same behavior applies to other websites: sometimes they open as new tab in Opera browser, sometimes as "new application".

    Some more details:
    Version of Android: 8.1.0
    Phone model and manufacturer: Motorola, Moto G5 Plus
    Your version of Opera for Android: 62.3.3146.57763
    If ad-blocker is enabled or not: enabled (but I disabled it for testing)
    If data savings is enabled or not: enabled

    Any help is appreciated.


  • @b3web Same behavior in Chrome, I guess it has to with PWA.

  • @leocg Thanks for your quick reply. It seems that this is really related to PWA (which I never heard of before). So it looks like this behavior cannot be changed.
    However, it is not working correctly, as I just discovered. I created a shortcut on the home page for this page:
    When I tap the shortcut, not the yahoo finance website with Amazon stock information is opened, but the yahoo finance start page. Is that a bug in Opera browser or is this also related to PWA?

  • @b3web Test in other browsers to see if the behavior is the same.

  • @leocg You are right. Same behavior with Chrome, so it must be PWA related.

    Thanks for your support.