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Log in required for Telegram and WhatsApp

  • I have 2 windows 10 PC's with Opera Synced. On one I can open and use Telegram and WhatsApp without having to log in each time. On the other a log in for both is needed at every start up. I can see no difference in the Opera settings. How can I make both open without log in on the PC where that currently doesn't happen?

  • Moving the topic to the correct place, since it has nothing to do with add-ons/extensions.

  • @crosdes As far as I know, none of them requires a login to be used. Maybe a extension or a third party program is interfering?

  • Sorry this was in the wrong place. When you use Whatsapp or Telegram from the sidebar for the first time you have in the case of Telegram to enter your phone number and country. A code is then sent to Telegram on your phone which is entered in telegram on the pC and all works. In In the case of Whatsapp you have to scan a QR code with Whatsapp web open on mobile phone.
    On one of my PC's doing this once means that when the PC is closed and opened Telegram and Whatsapp return straight away for use, on the other I always have to re-enter the phone number and country in the case of Telegram and scan the QR code in the case of Whatsapp.
    I can't see any difference in the settings for Opera on the 2 PC's both have the same extensions. There must be something different. Has anyone got any solutions please.

  • @crosdes Check if Opera isn't set up to remove cookies and local data on exit. Check also if there isn't a extension or software removing removing data from Opera.

    The problem happens only after the computer be turned off/re-started?

  • @leocg Opera isn't set to "remove cookies and other site data"
    The extensions are identical on the 2 PC's. The problem only happens after the PC is powered off and restarted.

  • @crosdes Then something is happening during the computer startup process that is removing the data.

    Download Opera Portable/USB and test if things work there.