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  • Hello,

    Opera have some "history of changes" at MHTML-saving possibilities: old versions have this function; then new Chromium-based don't have it on start; then it becomes possible to turn-on mht-saving from deep chromium settings; then this option was removed from chromium settings; but it still works via special opera start shortcut command; but it also was removed and now mht-saving does not work anyway.

    At this aspect your Opera are really loses to the main competitors, because new Edge have possibility to save pages as most comfortable and useful format mhtml by default, Firefox have a very stable plugin for it, thus only Opera can't save pages at BEST archive format for a web saving - MHTML.

    MHTML is the best because:

    • html + folder = does not save resources, images, etc;
    • html + folder = it's too bulky, makes a files mess;
    • pdf = does not save any scripts&actions and also split complete web page to a crooked slices A4 pages.

    Thus exactly MHT/MHTML - is the only one useful and comfortable possibility to save web pages!

    Please, fix it!

  • @erikdourns And what would be the problem? You can choose MHT(ML) when saving a page.

  • @leocg
    Ouch, does this function update again and now becomes always-accessable?!

  • @erikdourns Yep. Basically, all of this was due to changes in Chromium. Opera's just along for the ride.

  • I've just test it and seems that Opera MHTML saving are too poor - it does not save any active elements as JS, HTML5 sound/video, etc. Sometimes even on open page structure is a mess. But Firefox "Save Page WE" plugin save all this and always save pages correctly. 😕

    Seems that Opera became a hostage of Chromium which have some powerful sides, but a weak sides have too. 😞