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Option to select and remove several entries in history

  • If I do a Google search I can end up with a couple of hundred items in history just from the search. My only option to clear this history is to click x on each one or clear all history for the day. Firefox has a feature where you can right click one item and select to clear everything from that sight. Windows edge allows selecting multiple items and deleting them. I've seen a few posts about this and I'm surprised you haven't even commented on the suggestions. This browser is so clean and efficient yet you have this clunky antiquated way of clearing history. Would it really be that hard to fix this?

  • @ppclarke You can type, for example, on the search field to list all entries from Google and then use the Delete history below button.

  • @leocg Thanks, that works.👏🏻

  • I requested 3 features for History page from Opera 43:

    1. add feature like "Delete history below"
    2. support CTRL and SHIFT buttons for select multiple pages
    3. Add "More from this site" like chrome browser: instead type "", you choose "More from this site" from right click menu on any urls.

    request 1 added to opera but I have problem with it.
    when I type "" , it shows:

    A:"" but it shows results from other sites that they have "google" in complete url.
    like this:

    B: "googl.m"

  • You are correct @viewer2012 . I played around with "delete history below" and a lot of times you can end up deleting history you don't want to delete. Items 2 and 3 in your list should be added but I don't think that will happen.