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  • So, hello everyone.

    I thought it would be great if Opera let people use colors on tabs. If You click with right mouse button, the context menu would have few new options.

    • Rename tab
    • Change tab color
    • Reset tab name
    • Reset tab color

    It would allow people to set custom title of that specific tab and set RGB color. Background tabs would have different shade of course, so it would be easier to distinguish active tab. Feature would be rather optional, so people who don't need it, won't have to use it. But people who want, would be able to sort tabs with colors.

    Also two different things. Please, enable pinning tabs without making them so small. Would be great if there was option in settings to set default width of pinned tab.

    • Icon only (as it is now)
    • Small (maybe half of the size of regular tab)
    • Normal (the same as non pinned tab)

    Also, in Small and Normal setting, the tabs would have some kind of outline for example or something else that would make it distinguishable from non-pinned tabs. Maybe the lock icon or something.

    The second thing is Tab Groups. This was the feature that Opera and Firefox had in the past. But both browsers for some reason scrapped the idea. Actually the first browser to ever had that feature (at least as I know) was Internet Explorer (and ironically... it also was the first to have tabs and to have colored tabs).

    It's something that would be very useful. For me and for many other people. Please, consider adding it in the nearest future.


  • @smokofenek Tabs group is basically workspaces.

  • @leocg Maybe it is similar, but when the tabs are grouped in the bar, You can see them and work with them at the same time. I would like to group e.g. ebay tabs opened and Google search tabs opened. Not using them in different workspaces. Or even better example. Searching for "vaporeon plush" and opening some in new tabs. And then searching for "pokemon cards" and doing the same. It would let me group two different searches. I am often getting lost with the tabs I am working with, because they are not grouped. Workspaces won't allow me to Ctrl+Tab. That's why I would love to see tab groups, this is very different from multiple workspaces, which could be used if You are not working with things at the same time. Workspaces could be useful, but they are not convenient if You are using tabs as I do. Different things that I work with/search at same time.

    Also that's why I suggested tab colors, because this would allow me to do similar things, without grouping, but still, tab groups would be amazing. They are not really the same things as workspaces. They serve different purpose.

    With those example, I hope You understand why I mean it's useful. This is really the only thing I want from Opera right now. More tabs customization. Colors, names, pinned tabs sizes etc.

  • Sometimes when working on multiple projects or browsing multiple related topics it can be confusing as to which tab is which and what one of the many tabs were used for. I propose that color selection per tab widget be added as a means of solving the issue, just enter rgb/hex value or select a pre-designed color and it'll change the color of the tab. I've quickly thrown together a quick reference for what one might look like (minus the fact that it's just a low opacity square with a few color swaps)

    Reference Image.png

  • Google Chrome has this feature since a couple of months. I transitioned today from Chrome to Opera and it's the only feature I miss. If they include this, I swear I'll marry Opera.

  • @ddl Yes, I know. And it's sad that Chrome can do this but Opera is like "Nope! We won't do what people want! We have our workspaces that are not useful for most people, but we're proud of it, so we won't do group tabs with colors!"

    I really fell in love with Opera because it was a browser with most functionality. Comparing it to any other browsers it was always superior. Even now their search engine functionality is better than Chrome. Chrome for example doesn't have POST option to set there, which I was really surprised for. It even has a small details that You press F8 and it takes You to address bar. Chrome do not do that and I was surprised too because of that.

    But they started to add trash features like pseudo-VPN which isn't really a VPN but some proxy that doesn't even work like 90% of times, crypto wallet, which is stupid etc.

    Workspaces would be useful, but come on... this isn't thing people want. Tab groups are far more useful and Chrome did it perfectly.

    alt text

    Just look at that! Colored grouped tabs. With names! And You can easily hide them. So easy and intuitive. User friendly feature. It's literally like workspaces but with better visuals, name indicators and easier access. I don't need to hide things in a workspace I would forgot it existed. This is the feature I want to see in Opera. Because this is what I want, need and would use so much. And I never used workspaces even once. I forgot it even exist. I added something to workspace then I forgot about it completely.

    I hope people at Opera will change their minds, because Google people are making Chrome useful at least. Without adding pseudo features like crypto wallet or fake VPN thing.