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Change in how Opera uses clipboard?

  • For what seems like the last two months or so, the clipboard has operated differently in Opera, but I can't tell if it's Opera or Win 10 or the Auto Copy extension in Opera. For a few years I've been able to use Ctl-C to copy a string from a text box or highlight and copy something on web page, then go to another tab, highlight and delete what's in a search field or text box there, and then copy in the first string (Ctl-V). But now on a lot of sites that's not working, that is, the second string gets copied right back. The workaround has been first to delete the second field character by character with the Delete key. I've been using the Auto Copy extension for a few years, but I'm not sure if that's where the problem is or if it's a change in how Windows or Opera is using the clipboard. Anyone else see this?

  • @sgrandin Did you already try the basics, like disabling the extension and check how things work?

  • @leocg I hadn't considered that because the whole point of Auto Copy is to be able to copy text on web pages, which at least a few years ago was not possible on many pages with Opera natively. I've disabled it and will see what happens over the next couple of days.

    I just noticed that Auto Copy is not available through Opera anymore (Get Extensions) but only through the Chrome store, but with a different author and much later version. Don't know if that has any significance.

  • @sgrandin What do you mean? Copying text on web pages has always been something very basic, you select the text, Ctrl +C and that's it. Or are you talking about something different?

    Of course some pages could block copying text, but it would be a problem for all browsers.

  • @leocg It was with the Presta version, but not when it went over to the Chromium (or was it Blink?). That's why the Auto Copy extension was created (otherwise I wouldn't have needed it). I'm wondering if Opera fixed or picked that up along the way and why Auto Copy is no longer available. A google search finds only one forum entry for the original author, which suggests it was abandoned. Some conflict may have finally presented itself recently.

  • @sgrandin Here I never had problems copying text from pages unless, as I said, if the page blocked it.