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  • hey, I am new to the Opera browser I am a college student who finds it difficult that my projects’ tabs are not always on workspace tabs.

    For example: let’s say I am in a games workspace and I want to open a new window that is not related to my workspaces to check an email or watch a lecture online. after closing the workspaces Oprea browser application. The new default is the email tab or the lecture I opened last time on the browser. All the tabs in the workspaces are deleted and I have to open every single site or pdf files from history it is really existing and a waste of my time.

    I would love it if you add a pinned tabs feature, a color tabs group is also a great idea.
    that way my study files can be organized it will allow me to have control over the tabs an

    please help me, thank you in advance

  • @sexyshooter1762 What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

    Here I had workspace 1 with 1 window and a couple of tabs opened on it. Then I changed to Workspace 2 and opened a few pages on its window 1. I opened window 2 in workspace 2 and opened another couple of pages.
    Then I closed Opera, reopened it and all my windows and tabs were there.

  • @leocgThat is not the situation. Open Opera browser. open tabs in all the workspaces, then open a new window and search random stuff on google. afterward, go back to the opera browser window with all the workspaces and tabs that we set up in the beginning.

    Press exit on the new window and it will show you the new window of the google search, press exit on this window too. Start back again the opera browser and it will show only the tabs on the recent window, which means it will show the Google search we did in the new window but also deletes any other tabs that we opened in the workspaces.

  • @sexyshooter1762 By press exit you mean to click on the X to close the window? If so, then you are closing the window and its tabs and, of course, Opera will not them in the next start because Opera remembers the tabs and windows that were opened when the last session was closed.

    Those tabs and windows that you closed before have closed Opera are considered (recently) closed tabs and can be reopened from History menu or from the tabs search.

  • @leocg yes I am referring to the "x" button. However, when I press it, I don't want opera to delete the tabs from the memory. I play games sometimes and To reduce the ram usage so I press "X" on the open windows of Opera browser, I do not mean to start opening tabs from scratch again because I closed the opera windows.
    that is why I wish the tabs to be pinned and unpinned that way I can close the windows and get back to work/study just when I need to

  • @sexyshooter1762 So you want that the close button doesn't work as the close button?

    Anyway, you can post your suggestion/request in the proper area of the forum.

  • @leocg I want the close button to close windows necessarily delete them.
    I hope you understand I don't want to repeat the process of restoring all the deleted tabs from all workspaces just because I closed the opera to allow other RAM usage applications.
    just not delete them maybe a pop restore message would be nice like in chromium