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Recovering Opera Mobile history without sync

  • Hallo,
    I would like to know if there is a possibility to recover deleted Opera Mobile history after accidental deletion.
    On Mobile Phones wiping with one's fingers in the wrong place of the screen happens more often, when one would suspect. I have no Opera sync or Google sync and my Samsung sync is to old to get the data I am looking for.
    After deleting it, I didn't open a new browsing tab or a new website in the existing tab, so the history is still empty. Unfortunately I used other browsers, and need the phone for incoming calls, which is bad, because the system with the deleted history shouldn't be used until recovering.
    I didn't delte cache or the app data, so I think, where is a tiny hope for recovering. However, only root permissions can grant me access to the deleted history in "\data\data\com.opera.browser". My problem is, that without root I can't access these folders which I would need to scan with a recovering tool. I don't want to install any apps on my device or open and use Opera again, as long the history is empty, because this would harm any attempts to recover the deleted history and overwrite it with a new one. Is there anything I could do? Is the only chance to get the data, if I ask a professional data recovery company for help? As a improvement for mobile software of Opera only I would suggest a recycle bin, which keeps the last recent deleted history for twenty minutes, so one could regain accidentally lost data. For desktop software there is no need for this, because recovering is more easy and a computer mouse is not as sensitive like a touchscreen.
    With kind regards

  • @opera-operator How did you manage to delete all your history? The undo didn't work?

  • @leocg "How did you managed to delete all you history?"
    I made some google searches, which I wanted to delete, but instead of beeing patient, cautious and careful and deleting things from the bottom of the screen to the top of it, I chose the way to delete things from top to the bottom. After deleting three or four entries, I was on the "delete browser history"-field instead of beeing on a single entry. And yes, I can not undo the deletion, because everytime I have been looking in all search enginges how to do it, I found the answer that I need root permissions. I did try Recuva and EaseUS to recover the history, but now I know this can't work, because both programs can't access my device, and the folder "/data/data" is a hidden folder, which can be read or copied only with root permissions. Activating root permissions wipes all app data, because one needs to unlock the bootloader, which will not left anything to recover. Is where a way to achieve recovering in my special situation?

  • @opera-operator Yep, you cannot undo the deletion of the whole history, that's why there's a warning, a dialog asking you to confirm the deletion.