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  • I would love to see an implementation like Yandex Browser has. It's efficient and saves a lot of time when browsing sites in another language.

  • there is extensions...

    there's one really good that's open source.

  • @rudrick said in Auto Page Translate:

    there is extensions...
    there's one really good that's open source.

    Extensions "poorly done" and it would be much more useful for Opera to have such a feature natively because it would work better than the available extensions (where most only translate small phrases, use the old Google Translator template that does not yet support machine learning, etc)

  • @guilherm456 You can add Google Translate to your search engine list and use it to translate pages.

  • @leocg said in Auto Page Translate:

    @guilherm456 You can add Google Translate to your search engine list and use it to translate pages.

    It doesn't seem to function...?
    What form from what page? not successful.

  • @rudrick You need to add it manually in settings. Use ' language code/%s'.

    Example: If want that something is translated into English, use

    To translate a page, type the keyword followed by the page url in the address bar.

  • @leocg Worked, but ... I think is more easy for everyone if the Opera already allowed the translation as it does in Google Chrome

  • @guilherm456 Google has its own translation service. Opera (and other browsers) would depend on an agreement with one of those services to provide such feature.

  • @leocg Yes, I know, but you could try an agreement with Google or other companies

  • It would increase overhead - as basically it would be an extension added to Opera by default, and it would be constantly checking with Google servers the language of page...

  • I was searching for this exact same request but it looks like this went unresolved, so I hope this helps.

    For in-page translation there is the following workaround:

    • Install the Google Translate extension.
    • When you're on any page in Opera, hit CTRL-ALT-P or right click and select Google Translate>Translate page to [language].

    Your page will be translated, not as intuitive as Google Chrome's in-page auto translation, but just remember the keyboard shortcut or right click and you get close to the same result.

    There have been recent RAM issues with Chrome (5GBs of ram for 20 tabs?!) I also tried Firefox, which seemed to solve the RAM issue, but it did use a lot of CPU resources, which I didn't feel was normal, Opera however doesn't seem to have either of these issues.

    I can have Opera running with 30+ tabs without experiencing RAM or CPU issues - This is why i like Opera over any other browser - on Windows 10...

  • Apart from what drazor suggested.

    Another method is by heading to Chrome web store on Opera and get this - Install Chrome Extensions

    After that, search for Google translate on chrome web store and install it. (It should say Add to Opera)

    Note: the extension will be disabled at first because it is not an original opera extensions, but u can enable it in "manage extension" list.

    This method works well for me.

  • I would like to say that there is an extension/add-on that does translate whatever website you are on, because I had it. I can't find it anymore and I have searched everywhere. I had to uninstall opera do to some issues, I thought I properly exported my bookmarks and settings but it seems that it wasn't done right. I have been searching for that extension for at least 3 days now. I just want to say that it does exist, I should have taken a screenshot

  • Please add the translation function for Opera as it realized in Chrome - when you don't have to open the page in the second window, but the translation works within the same page. Thanks!

  • @hawk22 Yeah, that would be great. It has happened to me that when I inserted the webpages link in the, Opera blocked the translated link, although the original link was not blocked.

  • @hawk22 A second window for a real work might be convenient like hell! Either second monitor, or second window, or second tile as Tiles in Vivaldi and Split screen mode as in Opera Neon (not implemented yet), they all would have big advantage over one window solution..

    [Fig. 1.] Opera Neon
    Opera Neon

    Of course, you can stick to the one window solution using Custom site panels. Bare in mind - anything you open from Sidebar can be pinned, what creates sorta two window nice layout.

    [Fig. 2] Pinned Player

    Now, time for translation issue.
    There exists two excellent translators working from Sidebar:

    The DeepL can be better than Yandex Translator, but both are based on AI. Yandex T. has one disadvantage - I had to correct translations from Russian to English. Well, Russian is specific. 😉

    [Fig. 3] Pinned Yandex Translator

    [Fig. 4] Pinned DeepL Translator

    Do not ask me about G**gle. I do not wanna share expletives.👿

  • @pavelopdev Great idea. I didn't know that you can put a translator on the sidebar.....You probably know it, but the translation function that hawk22 is talking about in Chrome, is a little different and it is like this:

    When you go to a page with a foreign language, an icon comes out near the "Add to bookmarks" icon and asks you if you want to translate the page Screenshot 2021-01-14 172328.jpg

    And it translates the whole text without changing the pages integrity . And i think this is a great feature.

  • @palx Thanks. Forget then such translator gizmo for Opera. Google Behemoth has the option for its Google Chrome browser, Yandex Big Brother has similar option for its Yandex Browser (Yandex Translator). Opera is not an Aggregate Jumbo for corresponding umpteen network services. As an extension, such translating option could be implemented, but Opera is not messing up with extensions. Thank God!

  • @pavelopdev Your mention of "Opera Neon" got my curiosity up and I downloaded it, to see its differences from the stable version. In the advanced options menu, we can see that it offers an option to translate a page, if it is in a language we can't read:
    Screenshot 2021-01-15 233404.jpg

    As much as I tried, I could not understand how it works though. Nevertheless, this at least indicates that, it could be possible for Opera to integrate a text translation within a page, in its stable version.

    I also found an addon, that does the same job that hawk22 asked for.
    It is called "Google Translate"( I know, don't hate)
    It has a highly customizable options menu and if you go to its "advanced options" and you assign "Webpage Translation" on the "Toolbar Button", whenever you press the extensions icon, in the extensions menu on the upper right corner of Opera, it will translate the page. It doesn't seem so stable though.

  • @palx thanks for the suggestion. 'Google translate' extension seems to have the function as an inline translation but I've tried and it doesn't work on my Opera GX. Still looking for the solution
    P.s.: it is necessary to translate within the same page without renewing or opening a new tab because it can store access to the page I'm working with through the joined account.