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Issue opera and virus protection.

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with Opera Browser. Sometimes my anti-virus detects in malicious urls like pushmobo or searching-place. I do not know these sites and obviously they are detected as being data collection sites. I installed Privacy Badger and uBlock as well as Opera's anti tracker. Despite all this kind of thing happens. So two questions. Has someone already had this problem ? What would be the solution (if not I change for Vivaldi).

    Thank you in advance for your reply

  • @khyrau First, see

    Second, What was the answer of the antivirus support for you report about it?

  • @khyrau said in Issue opera and virus protection.:


    Double-check that you have no other extensions in your browsers. Also, scan your system with Malwarebytes. Also, check your search engines in your browser to make sure there are only the defaults and the ones you've added.

  • @khyrau What is the context or scenario when detection occurs? That is, are you visiting certain websites when the detection appears, is it after an Opera update, is it just after starting up Opera, are you attempting a search with a built-in search engine, are you attempting to visit some URL in the address bar, etc? Also, for reference, what antivirus are you running?

  • @blackbird71 The context was that Opera was on a paused YouTube video and I had an open video game site. I left a few hours and left Opera open.
    After I came back my virus protection (AVG) has d├ętected 5 differents URL Blacklist. Since I wrote the post, I did a scan with ZHP Cleaner and a scan with AVG, but got it again with other URL. In the past I had Avast and I already had that. I stopped Opera for a while, but I told myself that with the new updates this should be corrected.

  • @khyrau Those URLs were also detected while Opera had no page opened?

  • @khyrau Assuming that your system, browser, and extensions are themselves clean of malware, it's possible that there was malware on one of the sites open in Opera that was either trying to abuse JavaScript to ping your system or that resided in a rotating ad server linked by one of the sites. Did AVG happen to identify exactly where (ie: in which folder) it found the URLs or is AVG running in a mode where it tracks where the URLs the browser attempts to visit (even in the 'background')?

  • @leocg No, It didn't happen when Opera was closed. Now, I deleted Opera (I remove it completely from my computer) and I don't have any malicious URL anymore.

  • @blackbird71 AVG works in the background of my browser, so it can detect any malware or virus from the browser.
    Avg only wrote "URL:Blacklist ... something". But as I said in a previous answer I removed Opera from my computer and I don't have any issues anymore. So I really think the issue come from Opera itself and not from a page that I opened. For the record I go on the same pages with my others browsers (Edge, Brave and Vivaldi).

  • @khyrau Not closed but with no pages loaded.
    Anyway, it's good to see that the problem is gone.

  • This post is deleted!