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  • I use an online backup service and I include Opera's folders in my backup, but I have just realized that I'm backing up a lot more data than is necessary. The two Opera folders I'm aware of are the Opera x64 folders in the AppData and Roaming folders. Which subfolders in these folders do I need to back up if I want:

    web history
    auto fill
    bookmarks, including properties of bookmarks as well as the bookmarks bar.
    browser configuration (buttons, menu bars..)

    I also see that someone made an Opera backup application, which is impressive, but I'm not sure if there's a particular advantage to me using this versus just using the software of my online backup company, where I just select which folders and files on my computer I want to upload. (

  • Back up everything in Roaming. The other folder is cache and icons - stuff you didn't mention.

  • Thanks!

  • I have done this. Formated. Restores %appdata% and non of the settings restored. Am i doing anything wrong?

  • Operetta was talking about Opera 12 or earlier (as she mentioned notes, buttons, etc.) Current versions of Opera ... I'm not completely sure about. I know that saved passwords can't be used if you have reinstalled Windows (they are encrypted to the user account, reinstalling will create a new user account even if you use the same name). Last time I tried though (version 16) everything else copied fine - are you sure you copied the right folder?

  • If I make a note or add a bookmark and then immediately afterwards, initialize my online backup, would my latest additions be included in the backup?

    By the way, I made a mistake in my original post. The two folders in question are 'Local' and 'Roaming', both of which contain an Opera folder and are located in the AppData folder.

  • Opera (at or below version 12.xx) reads its user-account bookmarks.adr disk file to RAM upon starting Opera, maintains it in RAM during use, and copies that RAM info to the disk file ("writes") when the bookmarks manager is first opened in a session, if a bookmark is edited or even clicked-upon from within the manager, after a new bookmark has been created plus browsing away from that page has occurred, or when Opera is closed. I've observed a couple-second latency at times between an Opera bookmarks-file-write triggering event and windows actually registering that the file date/time has changed. Depending on how you create a bookmark and what you do immediately thereafter within Opera, an immediate backup may or may not capture the new bookmark from the disk file. If you simply create the bookmark and dwell on the same page, Opera won't copy/write the new bookmark data from RAM to disk until some additional event occurs, so a backup during that interval would be premature. If you happen to attempt a back up of the file while Opera is attempting to write to it, I'm not sure how the operating system would umpire the file-access conflict. Hopefully it would umpire without causing a crash or making Opera think the file is suddenly missing and attempt to try creating a new file... but that's a risk I'm not sure I'd really want to run.

    I don't use Notes, so I don't really know how that works, but I'd guess that it's not terribly different from bookmarks. In any case, the surest thing to do is to create the backup very soon after Opera is closed (allowing a little time for it to do its shutdown writes, file closures, etc). The normal Opera rule-of-thumb is not to externally mess with its user files while it's open.

  • Thank you for the explanation. It would be nice if there was some sort of save button, for this purpose.

  • Agreed. But since there's not, my own approach to this, after losing a "current" bookmarks.adr copy or two over the years, was to find a file backup utility program that automatically makes copies of selected files or folders and to auto-run that program overnight (4 am) so as to auto-backup the entire \roaming\opera folder every night onto the computer's second hard drive. That way, all the personal Opera settings and data files for my user account are preserved each night on a separate drive, and the backup program is set to keep backup records for 7 consecutive days of the week before overwriting the backups day-by-day. Additionally, I have an imaging program that makes weekly backups of all my data and account roaming folders, accumulating at least 4 weeks of them before replacing them one-at-a-time. Finally, I manually make monthly images of the entire main hard drive onto external media. This way, there are a multitude of backups at differing intervals to choose from if Opera or the computer should happen to eat an important Opera data file. Storage space is cheap... or at least, a lot cheaper than the effort and grief of attempting to rebuild lost data files from personal memory.

  • Can anybody say how quickly a note is saved to the hard drive when text is entered in Notes?