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  • Hello - Im often typing on the URL bar, and this goes to google & searches for me (this is what i want),

    However - recently, (I do not recall when), a new "feature" has appeared where im typing & then a pop-up appears called Search Tabs.

    Half of what i am typing appears in the URL bar, and the rest appears in the search tabs option. I have to close the pop-up & resume typing.

    How do i turn this off ? oi dont want to waste time on this (im searching a dozen times an hour )

  • @gordonisnz Search in tabs has no relation to the address bar. You can use it by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right or by using ctrl + space.

    Maybe you are talking about enhanced address bar or BABE? It can be turned off in settings.

  • @leocg Capturepaste.PNG

    Hello. Im trying to type in the address bar (where it says "Christchurch Chez ..." - my old search.

    i type Christchurch - and then control-V, and my next search " Claudes Cafe " appears in a pop-up screen. i wanted claudes café in the URL. (ive got it set to search Google).

    See image

    I also checked settings and cannot find "babe".

    WIN 10 - Opera Version:73.0.3856.329

    (PS - cannot find a way to contact the moderator direct.)

  • @gordonisnz said :

    (PS - cannot find a way to contact the moderator direct.)

    This is a forum, direct contact should be avoided.

  • @gordonisnz If you don't type anything on the address bar and use Ctrl V to paste something into it, the same happen? And what if you just type something on it and don't use Ctrl V?

  • @leocg Yes - Ive tried toady, and its happened twice..

    Once where there is nothing in the address bar, control-V & that popup comes. Another time i started to type, and then control-V & the pop-up