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Sidebar sometimes auto hides for no apparent reason. Suggested changes below.

  • Hi,

    First if all I am absolutely loving the change to Opera GX, especially coming from chrome and still being able to use the features I love from Google.

    I have been using the sidebar mostly for switching tabs, as that was a feature I always loved to use for organisation and to reduce clutter on the screen.

    I have two problems with this.

    1. The sidebar occasionally hides itself for no reason I can understand. I haven't seen anyone else complaining about this so perhaps this is a sole issue. Either way, I sometimes return to my PC or leave a full screen to see that the sidebar has vanished. This is not a huge annoyance but it does mean that I have to keep a settings tab open and ready for me to click "show sidebar". It would be much less of a worry if there was a small button maybe in or just below the Opera GX logo in the top right hand corner, or, if I could...

    2. Have some commands / shortcuts to fix this. Something like Ctrl + Shift + S to hide and show the sidebar would be excellent. This would also address many other complaints I have seen asking for an auto-hide function, for those who do not use it much, but still want access to it. Maybe also a Ctrl + B (Ctrl+ Shift + B is already used) to hide and show the bookmarks bar, as I sometimes want/need to hide it temporarily for some websites. I would also really like having something like Ctrl + Shift + 1-9 (Just like Ctr + 1-9 for switching quickly between tabs) to access the different workspaces quickly and without needing to move the mouse a lot. None of this is a huge deal but would definitely be some quality-of-life improvements I would love to see.

  • @that-pancake-cat 1 ) Maybe you are disabling the sidebar by accident?

  • @that-pancake-cat 2 ) Suggestions belong to another area and that one already exists.

  • @leocg Hello, firstly.
    I have realised I am incredible dumb, they already have shortcuts for everything I was asking for, I just did not have them set.

    Secondly I am certain I am not doing it, it happens for random reasons at different times sometimes I am not even clicking or pressing anything, but I realised that if I just looked for the stuff I wanted, maybe it would be there. I am stupid as hell. Thank you for your conern and conideration though.