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  • Download the full, offline installer from and launch it.

    If there's still a problem, do a test. Create another user account on Windows and run the installer there. If it loads fine there, there's some issue with your normal account.

    You might be able to use the installer's command-line options as a workaround. But, I'm guessing that whatever is messing with the installer will probably cause problems with this method too.

    I don't have Win7 right now t test, but the installer works fine on Win10 for me.

  • @burnout426 Thank you for assistance my friend.
    I'll try your recommendation later.
    Purely for info, I have Stable and beta running on the same Win7 machine, and until I had update issues with dev recently, had that also.
    This reply via Stable on Win7.

  • @burnout426 Hi, as mentioned, I had no problems downloading and installing Opr75 on my Win10 machine.

    I still cannot install it on my Win7, 32-bit desktop (this one) as outlined, so this long time user must be doing something wrong! I have Stable and beta on same Win7 machine and have updated beta to latest, without issue.

    I've also removed many leftover Opera files trying to do this, so do not presently have developer installed. (My developer update issues started at v74...3904)

    Have tried using a different browser to get developer stream installed, without success. Also tried using the installation link via without success.

    I tried your suggestion without success, even when temporarily disabling the firewall.
    When downloading, and before it completes download from official Opera site, it throws up the 'save to' (my setting) dialogue box, so I can opt where to save it.
    The download then completes.

    I then double click the red installer from the download area (top right), or alternatively double click the Opera Developer Installer from where I saved it.
    Either or, it wont install.

    So I'm well stuck.
    Worthy of note for devs is that I've had the firewall dialogue box spring into action saying there were elements of Opera75 that were not safe!
    I can only think this may be the reason it won't install, what say you?
    Thank you for advising.
    (Stable and beta working fine on same Win7 machine).

  • Yeah, you're anti-virus/firewall/security software could be blocking the installation.

  • @burnout426 Thanks, that's my suspicion also.
    The weird thing is that nothing is blocking Stable and beta on the same machine, so I fail to understand why dev should have probs - though I'm of course fully aware dev stream is mainly in raw status.
    Thanks anyway my friend.

  • @operafanuk Windows Defender's heuristics are known to tag Opera as a virus when it's not. They are especially known to tag Opera's installer's behavior. Opera dev is on a different code branch compared to beta and stable. It's had lots of changes compared to the others. That could be enough difference to trigger something. Heuristics are funny.

    If you scan the installer with your anti-virus, does it flag it? What if you add the exe to your anti-virus exclude list?

  • @burnout426 Hi and thanks for your further info.
    On this Win7 machine I use MSE, not Defender.
    On my Win10 machine I use Defender, and as mentioned above can download and install developer stream without problem.
    In fact, I have much more security on Win10 and, from wherever I attempt to install Dev via Opera site, can do so without issue.
    Perhaps I should try adding the full offline installer you mentioned above to the exclude list and see what happens on Win7 machine.
    Before that however, I'll scan the developer installer after downloading from the "installation link" on blogs to check it doesn't flag it - something I forgot to check, so thank you for your suggestions.
    As an aside, I have no issues with my Win7 system, and it functions as expected in all respects (except for my issue trying to install Developer again).

  • @operafanuk Quick note for Devs regarding this issue.
    When I went deep into my system last night, I found files showing the installer for Developer stream had crashed several times.
    Perhaps this is a pointer re installation issues on Win7, 32-bit?
    I removed all traces of Developer files and restarted.
    (This post via Stable).

  • @burnout426 Hi my friend, success this morning - sort of! This posted via Opera Developer 🙂
    After running all maintenance prog's overnight on this Win7 machine, I tried something slightly different.

    From beta version 74...42, I switched to Light theme (just in case there was a potential issue with Dark theme).

    Went to Developer stream listings at and clicked version 74.0.3897.0 which I knew worked well on my Win7 system.
    Clicked win/ then launched: Opera_Developer_74.0.3897.0_Setup.exe

    No problem downloading and saving installer to my choice location - it completed download and presented the red installer icon (top right), so I clicked it as normal.

    I was shortly presented with the "Opera Installer" dialogue screen, and able to fully install at last (this was the dialogue box that wasn't presenting itself previously) - hence my problem!
    For the moment I put a 'stop' on auto-update.

    Restarted, did my settings, imported bookmarks I previously exported, and again restarted.
    I will bring Dev' up to date shortly, but it's installed.

    My thanks for your earlier assistance which was much appreciated.
    As to what went wrong when trying to update to Opr75, I haven't been able to identify. Thanks again.

  • @operafanuk said in Unable to install Opera75:

    I will bring Dev' up to date shortly, but it's installed.

    Hopefully you don't have problems updating.