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Native M1 ARM Version of Opera?

  • Will there be a native ARM version of Opera for the new M1 and subsequent Apple Macs?

    Chrome, Brave and Firefox already have native M1 apps which score significantly higher in web browsing benchmarks.

    From some testing "The M1 Chrome scored 210 in the Speedometer 2.0 test, while the Standard Chrome scored just 116." Talking numbers, the M1 version Chrome performed nearly 66-85 percent better than the Rosetta 2 version.

    I was holding off on getting an M1 macbook air since software compatibility was an issue, but now almost everything I need has been updated except for Opera.

  • @nintendork07 I will say more: I'm start to get used to other browsers ... and it's a very bad feeling. 😖

  • @gik-team Exact same feeling. Used Opera for an important part of the things I do (have to use also other browsers too) but not having news about M1 support, I can't but start to look for a replacement... I don't like it as I loved the left tab/groups (whatever it is called) specially... Please, guys at Opera, can you give us some feedback about how is this going? Hope you're doing great, but if it is complicated, at least having some feedback shows some interest...

    Thanks and best!

  • There are references of ARM in the changelings, specially on Beta and Developer channels. So they are probably working on an ARM version.

  • @leocg Thanks, that's at least some signal of progress... Crossing fingers for next release... at least for it to be rosetta stone compatible if not ARM optimized (as others are now sigh... but probably Opera is that too for the for the following release to this next one... ). I'm still leaving in my happy imagined world, but there are some hints at least...
    Will try to keep leaving in that world...


  • @valma I guess that when there is an ARM version of Opera, it will properly announced.