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Opera developer 25, Features I'd like to see in future

  • +++1 😉

  • +1 to all, but I like option "open tab next to current", so maybe optional in settings like in opera 12. I'd love to see vertical tabs, people might say "not this again", but you know opera had this functionality back in version 12... so I'd love to have it back, with some little improvements like scroll entire tab bar like in "vertical tabs" extension in Firefox.

  • Dropdown button in address bar and disable inline autocomplete.

  • Option for a classic menu bar. Bring back the option to have a common (MDI) close button for all tabs, and the option to "click tab to minimize".

  • It would be around time to change to Vertical tabs arrangement with tabs stacking. With hibernation it's plausible to use a lot of tabs especially with "Delay loading of background tabs" on start. Probably I would stop using bookmarks 😛

  • +1 to pretty much everything....
    Here are the things I miss most (which is why I still use O12)

    • Side panel for Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Window-Manager, Links, and to a lesser extent Notes. I also had the side panel set up to have a few news pages available in there, like , but I don't use that any more. I still use E-mail and the Address book, but I am resigned to switching to Thunderbird when the time comes to abandon O12.

    • Left click on tab to go back to the last active one. I constantly do this! (this is called "click tab to minimize")

    • Open new tab with click on an empty space in tab bar.

    • Tab stacking. Stash could have replaced it as a "read later" group. But it has other uses too. Would be nice to have that unique feature back.

    • Search engines. It is very annoying that we can not set a custom search engine as the default! I've commented a lot about that in the blog, it would not be hard to just amend the list of approved search engines. Then the "hijack" argument falls flat.

    • Little things like the dog-eared tab to show that this page has not been read yet.

    • Import bookmarks to USB installation. That can't be too hard to implement?

  • OT What's wrong with the markdown lists? If I start a paragraph with a star or dash, it does not show any marker in the list later. So I changed it to star and dash * - , and suddenly there were 2 dots as markers??

  • oh, another one of the small but great thing that I miss:

    • Custom buttons! Similar to bookmarklets, but with Opera-features. Also, you could place the buttons anywhere you liked! In the address bar or the status bar or on the panel switcher or on the bookmark bar or........
  • I like the direction Opera is currently going! Keep up the good work.
    Here's my notes I took that I NEED as features before I can switch from 12.17 to new version.

    2.Bookmarks side panel like in Presto.
    4.Let user disable Discover completely.
    5.Presto like Tab Preview - Not fullscreen.
    6.Open new tab at the end of tab bar - not next to the current tab.
    7.Trash Can for closed tabs.

    Indeed these are some of the most needed features the new Opera needs.
    including the option with the tab-preview to switch to different open tab, than the next one.
    I often have the trouble now that I need to switch back and forth between 2 tabs, and this now is really uncomfortable as you have to cycle through all threads.

    And I really miss my side bar - there is so much unused space, and so many good features (like e-mail) embedded in the sidebar 😉

    ahh the trashcan, that even worked for multiple closed browser windows and the tabs you had open in them. So much comfort.

  • I'm also hoping to see most of those features mentioned, especially Right Mouse Button functions (There is a plugin for this but it's buggy), and tab stacking.

    One feature that hasn't been mentioned here however, is a new Dragonfly. I still use Opera 12.17 just for DragonFly and Right mouse button functions. Chrome Dev Tools are not as user friendly as Dragonfly.