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Opera - problem after 19.08 update

  • Hello Opera forum !

    To begin with I am very satisfied with using opera and I would like not to change that, but since yesterday I can not longer use browser.

    After update when I start opera well nothing happens. Well happens that:

    Browser just start and keep loading and then it crash/lags/stops. Can't use anything.

    I ve got windows 7, not newest computer and I don't know what to do or which software or drivers update to make this browser work again. Any help would be great !

  • Try disabling all extensions and see if it helps. Then enable one by one until you find the one to blame, if the case.

  • Well i fixed it I hope. I couldn't even go to preference in Opera, so I caouldn't disable extensions. I uninstalled everything and deleted all opera folders including those hidden one.

    Wanted to save passwords but it came impossible, beacause if I copied old file wchich was keeping them, Opera started to crashing again. I think those old files were infected with something somehow.

    Thanks for support anyway <3.

    Btw if there is some way to uncrypt this file with password, so I could manually copy them, I would be greatfull for some tips (I m not sure if I remember all my passwords and sites where I was reggistred).

  • Or I haven't fixed it. It still crashes, just after I turned it off and wanted to use again. Still opens only blank page and just "loading" without any reaction.

    Now I ve got not idea what to do. Opera works normally only when I start it for 1st time after installation and then it crashes and it's not useable again

    Now it has no extenstion. Nothing. Clear after instalation.

    Should I install something or search for something. Greatfull for any tips.

  • Try scanning the computer with AdwCleaner.
    And disable/uninstall suspicious software, security programs, PC speedup or tweaking software, etc.

  • AdwCleaner found nothing, but suspisious thing is that he scanned all browser expect "Opera", even it's my default browser. So probably I ve got some virus but this program can't help. I ll look for other scanners, maybe they can help.

  • It might have something to do with the hardware acceleration. You can launch Opera with it disabled to test.

    Create a new shortcut for Opera's launcher or open the Run dialog (Win logo key + R).
    Add --disable-gpu to the end of the command/shortcut, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe --disable-gpu and press Enter / open Opera.


    Done. It doesn't help or I pasted it wrong.

    I ll just download malwarebyte scanner and I'll run it. Maybe this one will find intruser.

  • Well my antivirus is just low. Scanned and got rid off dozens of viruses.

    My Opera is working again properly and my love only grew for this browser, cause of saving me from all this bugs and trojans.

    Thank you for support and patients. I m rly so stupid. Solution is always so simple :D.

    Peace ~·.