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Privacy Protection on Tapatalk forums

  • Hi,

    When I don't add a Tapatalk forum to the exception list, the 'quote', 'like' and 'dislike' buttons are missing from the bottom of each post. These feature buttons must appear to Opera as adverts and get blocked with all the proper adverts.
    Adding this Tapatalk forum to the exception list means I get those buttons back but get bombarded with their cancerous adverts, flashing away, a major distraction.

    What can be done to block Tapatalks adverts in Opera without breaking the functionality of the forum?

  • @scudbookjohnson64 It's the adblocker or the tracker blocker that causes the issue?

  • @leocg Hi,

    The adblocker is switched on and the tracker blocker is switched off.
    If I switch the adblocker off, the forum buttons come back but so do the many adverts that fill the spaces between posts.

    I suspect Tapatalk (and it is a forum supplied by them because when you click the 'About Us' link at the bottom and the Crunchbase link, it takes you to a Tapatalk info page) have set these buttons up so they are recognised as adverts or they operate as advertising clicks or something. It's like they set it up so you break functionality if you dare to use an adblocker on their site.

    It's a football forum so not a forum specifically about Tapatalk.

  • @scudbookjohnson64 If you use Ublock Origin or other adblock extension that also uses the Easylist, the problem happens?