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  • Adobe tell me that they will block Flash content from running in Flash Player from January 12 2020 [not June!]. Which leaves me with a problem of how to play streaming video. Any help will be appreciated.

  • @faraday1939 Very few obsolete sites still use Flash.

  • @faraday1939 said in Flash Player Ends:

    to play streaming video

    There must be some way to play streaming video after the flash is blocked.
    It will be blocked on almost all browser because Adobe will stop supporting
    Flash Player after this year. So, you need not worry there must be other
    ways that will help in playing a streaming video.

  • Thanks for your efforts and comments but I cannot see any 'Must' at all!
    I cannot find a way to make a new Video Player work with my browser and/or streaming web page. Even communicating with the streaming providers has given zilch. Because I am ancient and unsure of the methodology I am stumped. I can make meta Penta Phenyl Ether. Which retails at >£1000/L. Sorry what with this, Covid and some other problems I'm drifting into self pity. I've just been told not to worry as an Amazon Prime
    subscription will give me all the sport I want - and only 80 quid. Yipeeee!

  • @faraday1939 You don't have to do anything.

  • @leocg OK great! You have now made me so happy that I'm going for a brew. Thanks, Danke, Merci, Vielen Dank etc. Happy Christmas, Weihnachten, Noel*.
    P.S. Please, please be right.
    *OK sorry a bit over the top.

  • Is Opera gonna make/offer any replacement software or extentions for Adobe Flash Player now that they have finalized their EOL (End Of Life) program ?. I do know that Chrome and Firefox are working to make their own version of Flash player but does Opera have any plans ?.🤔

  • @Alphablake Nope, no browser will.

  • @Alphablake you could try Ruffle (a Flash Player emulator) It is installed as extension, it is open source but it is still in an early development. You could give it a try, installing it with "Developer mode" on.

  • @Alphablake Glad to say that my web page has come up with a brilliant VID player which is also an improvement on the old. So far seen it work with Opera and Avast Browsers on my PC and on my tablet. I've no doubt it will work throughout my kit.
    Nice to see a streaming supplier being so co-operative.

  • A word of caution regarding emerging pseudo-Flash players: genuine Flash players historically have been chock full of security flaws that have been patched whenever discovered. One should be very careful about security going forward when employing these Flash emulators.

    Given that most of them are from small-scale developers, most won't have really wide distribution (since Flash media is fast declining on the web); hence, security flaws buried in these emulators are not likely to receive typical white-hat attention regarding exploit-testing - but you can be sure the malware creators will be looking into every nook and cranny of each for security holes. Users beware...

  • Thanks for that it's a minefield. "Which virus will get me first" is the name of a new game on Dave TV. (In our house).
    My new Vid Player is first class.

  • what can i use instead of flash player for Opera?

  • @joylynne You can use... Opera.

  • @leocg I play mahjongg Flash on pcmanwebsite, via win7/opera. Will my game still be playable after adobe flash eol?

  • @joylynne You will need to ask the site/game authors. If it's a modern, updated, not abandoned page, then most probably they already stopped using Flash a long time ago.

  • @joylynne If the site continues to use Flash after the past year's much-announced end of the Flash player, then perhaps you should question whether that site has your best interests in mind by continuing to require visitors to use an obsolete, no-longer patched piece of software (that historically has led the software world in numbers of constantly-discovered security flaws and vulnerabilities). Consciously forcing user exposure to potential malware infection implies that they put far more value on keeping their site design costs cheap than they view their visitors' digital security. In such a case, the wise user will find other sites to visit instead.

  • @joylynne You can download the swf file for the game at Then, you can play it with No need for a browser.

  • A debt of gratitude is in order for your endeavors and remarks yet I can't perceive any 'Must' by any means!

    I can't figure out how to make another Video Player work with my program or potentially streaming website page. In any event, speaking with the streaming suppliers has given nada. Since I am antiquated and uncertain of the approach I am puzzled. I can make meta Penta Phenyl Ether. Which retails at >£1000/L. Sorry what with this, Covid and some different issues I'm floating into self-centeredness. I've recently been advised not to stress as an Amazon Prime

    membership will give me all the game I need - and just 80 quid. Yipeeee!

  • @alejohn You don't need to do anything, browsers can play video without the need of having Flash or any other third party program/plugin.