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  • As has been started many, many times Opera had to rebuild from scratch and it takes time to do that. The new Opera is a completely different program from Opera 12. The original Opera had close to 20 years to build its featureset. The current Opera has had less than 2. Patients.

  • That's almost run out...

  • I have more bookmarks nowadays than i had in my whole (internet) life.

  • That's almost run out..

    Thats quite demanding of a program you have paid zero money for and have not lifted a finger to program yourself. Opera is not like Google. They didn't make 60 billion dollars last year and they don't have unlimited resources. Things take time.

  • Fair!... but I've waited for over 6 month now, makes me thinking if freeware that self destructing, WHY?

    What I am saying, that, since new platform direction in to which it has gone- MAINSTREAM (as all the other) browsers plain WRONG!
    What was near perfect- should have remained such...

    @ iesq, I had my over 5000 bookmarks maintained in 12.0 nicely in my own folders, sub-folders etc, it was easy to manage them, including importing, exporting, moving (folders and single links), renaming (ie in line in order of importance) , now they all stuck in imported folder, without option to open all bookmarks in certain folder to check something... IE folder Shopping, subFolder flights, I had 15 airlines and comparison sites: 1-ScyScanner ; 2- RyanAir; 3- AerLingus etc etc ... gone!

    Also, speedDial- it takes double (or more) time to load, as I have 15-20 of those active... ie 5 Email sites; 5 Social sites; 5 News sites etc

  • is 28 build any better?

  • just tried... 28 is bad as 27 or any other past 1217 builds
    what a shame older one doesn't work with some sites no more

  • For me anyway, the Bookmarks feature is counter-intuitive, but after enough trial and error I've gotten what I wanted.

    IMO, one should be able to right-click and create a folder from most anywhere in bookmarks, but this is not the case.

    First of all, one has to enable the Bookmarks bar from: Opera > Preferences > Browser > User interface > and check the box: "Show the bookmarks bar".

    Next right-click on the bookmarks bar to create the newly desired folder, then drag the newly created folder to the 'Bookmarks' folder on the bookmarks bar to make it a subfolder of 'Bookmarks' (the name I happen to use for the one folder I have on my bookmarks bar), then if you want it to be a subfolder of some other folder in bookmarks, drag it again from the drop-down menu of bookmarks to the folder you want it to be a subfolder of. Rinse, lather, repeat.

    I don't know, 'drag and drop' is not a feature I'm used to using...

  • I mostly use the Bookmarks Bar, or just copy and paste my other bookmarks from FF or Opera 12... Why not add a Bookmarks sidebar like the old Opera? I mean there doesn't even seem to be a Bookmarks button you can add to the UI to make the list appear; a three-key shortcut is the best way?? Not intuitive.

  • You can change the shortcut. Theres also the bookmarks bar. As for a sidebar its not coming back. It is a lot of work implement in the new renderer and very few people made use of it. I sure didn't. In fact test had shown that the lions share of people don't even use bookmarks and my personal experience as a computer tech can back that up. The only reason bookmarks returned at all was because of the number of people that complained about it. Still, only a fraction of users use bookmarks and only a fraction of them use the sidebar. Its just not worth the effort to build it. Someone might make an extension for it though. You never know.