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  • So long waited for some sort of redemption, but new management of bookmarks is as bad as never, despite all sort of dumb add-ons etc tested.
    As much loved in the past and still haven't found decent replacement, but seems to me, that developers made n00bs error in the ways gone and worth to be uninstalled, the same way, as I will be uninstalling aotherways, same as uselees Opera for good

    I... I have no clue what any of that was about.

  • Since last 12.0 build Opera went down hill! 25.0 onwards concepts are vague attempt to redeem functionality using add-ons... no thanks!
    ((PLEASE, PLEASE!), I hope "the good done" to windows browser, will not bugger up mobile version same way)

    "improved" Opera with unusable bookmarks manager- failure of developers recognise basic advantages as why Opera was most useful browser.

    it is now as useless (even worse) as IE, buggy (or even bugg'ier) than FF, way slower in every respect than Chrome.

    "smart" improvements being made, based an wrong platform AND again, without comprehension as how good basic bookmarks management was

  • BTW Opera mobile needs to be looked at again as how good, plain and simple features of Opera Bookmarks and SpeedDals needed to be...

  • and also, (might be personal), but another plain simple configuration of page opening in background or new tab gone...
    rant, rant, rant!

    What's been good (best)browser, got "repaired" to the level of less than useless bloatware, "thanks"!

  • As has been started many, many times Opera had to rebuild from scratch and it takes time to do that. The new Opera is a completely different program from Opera 12. The original Opera had close to 20 years to build its featureset. The current Opera has had less than 2. Patients.

  • That's almost run out...

  • I have more bookmarks nowadays than i had in my whole (internet) life.

  • That's almost run out..

    Thats quite demanding of a program you have paid zero money for and have not lifted a finger to program yourself. Opera is not like Google. They didn't make 60 billion dollars last year and they don't have unlimited resources. Things take time.

  • Fair!... but I've waited for over 6 month now, makes me thinking if freeware that self destructing, WHY?

    What I am saying, that, since new platform direction in to which it has gone- MAINSTREAM (as all the other) browsers plain WRONG!
    What was near perfect- should have remained such...

    @ iesq, I had my over 5000 bookmarks maintained in 12.0 nicely in my own folders, sub-folders etc, it was easy to manage them, including importing, exporting, moving (folders and single links), renaming (ie in line in order of importance) , now they all stuck in imported folder, without option to open all bookmarks in certain folder to check something... IE folder Shopping, subFolder flights, I had 15 airlines and comparison sites: 1-ScyScanner ; 2- RyanAir; 3- AerLingus etc etc ... gone!

    Also, speedDial- it takes double (or more) time to load, as I have 15-20 of those active... ie 5 Email sites; 5 Social sites; 5 News sites etc

  • is 28 build any better?

  • just tried... 28 is bad as 27 or any other past 1217 builds
    what a shame older one doesn't work with some sites no more

  • For me anyway, the Bookmarks feature is counter-intuitive, but after enough trial and error I've gotten what I wanted.

    IMO, one should be able to right-click and create a folder from most anywhere in bookmarks, but this is not the case.

    First of all, one has to enable the Bookmarks bar from: Opera > Preferences > Browser > User interface > and check the box: "Show the bookmarks bar".

    Next right-click on the bookmarks bar to create the newly desired folder, then drag the newly created folder to the 'Bookmarks' folder on the bookmarks bar to make it a subfolder of 'Bookmarks' (the name I happen to use for the one folder I have on my bookmarks bar), then if you want it to be a subfolder of some other folder in bookmarks, drag it again from the drop-down menu of bookmarks to the folder you want it to be a subfolder of. Rinse, lather, repeat.

    I don't know, 'drag and drop' is not a feature I'm used to using...

  • I mostly use the Bookmarks Bar, or just copy and paste my other bookmarks from FF or Opera 12... Why not add a Bookmarks sidebar like the old Opera? I mean there doesn't even seem to be a Bookmarks button you can add to the UI to make the list appear; a three-key shortcut is the best way?? Not intuitive.

  • You can change the shortcut. Theres also the bookmarks bar. As for a sidebar its not coming back. It is a lot of work implement in the new renderer and very few people made use of it. I sure didn't. In fact test had shown that the lions share of people don't even use bookmarks and my personal experience as a computer tech can back that up. The only reason bookmarks returned at all was because of the number of people that complained about it. Still, only a fraction of users use bookmarks and only a fraction of them use the sidebar. Its just not worth the effort to build it. Someone might make an extension for it though. You never know.