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  • On my previous computer the Browser would sometimes prevent me from clicking or doing anything to a portion of the left half of the screen. I could still see everything and if I held the left button and dragged it I could still highlight the text but would still be unable to click on anything. I was about to change PCs so I didn't pay mind to it but now that I got the new one I got the same problem. It's not always and there's no clear trigger from it as I only notice it when it happens, tho it did happen at least once everyday.

    Every other application on the computer works as intended. If I press alt+f4 it still asks if I want to close the browser, so it's not like some invisible application is hovering over the browser. I can still use the search bar and the buttons on the top left, the element inspection doesn't show anything suspect, the problem is really only on the site "display". When I close the browser it ends but then comes back some time later.

    I did back up the history and some browsing data from the previous PC so the problem may have come from there (I did not have this account until a couple minutes ago so it's unlikely to be something to do with syncing), but I'd like to find a fix that does not involve deleting this data, though I'm willing to do that if necessary.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @raimundobruno
    Does it happen with clean install - without any extensions and customized settings?
    Does it happen on some specific sites or everywhere?

  • Same thing is happening with me sometimes, can't click on the left half of the browser as well. Gotta restart opera every time it happens

  • @donq I tried uninstalling and reinstalling cpiying nothing but the browsing history and so far it hasn't happened once in about four hours of use, so it may have been something related to the browser configuration. Though it surelly can't be something exclusive to my Browser/PC as MatPerito below is having the same problem.

    I would normally notice it happening when using Twitter, but once it strated, every single site in any Opera tab or window would be affected.

  • This has been happening since yesterday. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice, but the issue keeps coming back after a few minutes. Really annoying.

  • Hmm, have you all sidebar enabled? This looks like some part of Opera thinks that sidebar is visible and does steal clicks from that area.

    If you could make this 100% repeatable (starting from normally working situation), then it would be good idea to send Bug report to Opera team.

    Maybe someone will experiment with sidebar, twitter etc? I personally have sidebar completely disabled in my Opera and I don't use twitter (or other such apps) either, thereby no help from me 😞