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Opera Browser: Detect ALL URLs and requesting tabs, subframes and Addons?

  • Hi.
    With Opera Task-Manager (Shift+Esc) i can see sometimes suspicious URL calls under category "Subframe:" like vi?????.ru.
    These Sites were called not be me but perhaps by opened tabs OR by Addons.
    And these sites are tracking me i am afraid 😞

    I want to detect WHICH source does which network requests and control them.
    Is there a protocol option in Opera or in Windows to see and search for all called URLs and Suffixes?

    Following question is for sure: Which Addon could control and block these network requests?
    With uBlock Origin's Network requests protocol one can block nearly everything, but also Addon requests?
    In uBO i can not see from which source (Addon, Tab,) it comes.
    Are there Addons to do this?

    2020-11-10_112919.jpg 2020-11-10_114932.jpg

  • @cratte They are part of the site above them. Don't know why you are seeing them as something separated.

  • @leocg frames are part of sites, yes. But which site, tab?

  • @cratte Usually the one above them.


  • @leocg ah, i understand your advice for the Opera Task Manager 🙂
    But there are 2 objections:
    1: There are too much tabs open so i can not see all of them in the Task Manager.
    2: The suspicious "subframes" are only visible a very short time, so they are very hard to detect.

    I detected the suspicious subframes by sorting tasks alphabetically so they are displayed "in a steady block" very good to see them all at once in a row, as to see in my screenshots.

    Therefore i ask for another solution even by uBO protocol.