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  • Honestly, workspaces are unusable for me without some sort of indicator that there are some tabs open inside workspace.
    A little dot just like the built in messenger and whats-app already have.
    I guess if you work with them on daily basis you don't really need that but if you work with them occasionally - that's completely different story. I would forget I put something to another workspace a hour later 😕

    I already wrote it here:
    but I feel like this deserves a topic of its own.

  • Instead of dot I'd better prefer workspace's blue icon if there are opened tabs in the workspace and when hovering by the cursor there should be a tooltip 'Workspace name + number of tabs opened'.
    If there are no tabs in workspaces, then icon will be the regular black/white in light/dark themes respectively.


  • @andrew84 Yes, Anything would be great. Your idea sounds good too 🙂

  • @andrew84 I'm all for the feature, but I like aesthetic solutions. The less words, the more informative. We all know Workspaces keep tabs and nothing more. 🙂 So "with X tabs" is redundant. Simply alone X should suffice. But..

    Let it be for example:
    Workspace 3 - 5
    Workspace 3 / 5
    Workspace 3 | 5
    Workspace 3 (5)
    Workspace 3 [5]

    I always changed names of all my workspaces to be more informative so I was shifting the numbers to the first places. The best solution to the count number yet it'd be to use # for tabs number. Selection of separation mark(s) should be left to the user. Thus you might define your tooltips more freely.

    Workspace 3 | #

    However If you moved workspace number to the first place you'd have more aesthetic options.

    3 Workspace - #
    4 Workspace / #
    5 Workspace | #
    6 Covid (#)
    7 Weather [#]

    The hash will be changed to the real number by Opera itself.

  • Sometimes I forget that there are some tabs under workspace 1 or 2. If there's some indication next to it, I think it'll be useful.

  • Yes, it was already suggested

    But in my opinion the sidebar with counters next to each workspace will look messy. It's enough the workspace (its icon) to be highlighted if there are tabs in this workspace (how many tabs exactly can be shown on the tooltip).

  • @andrew84 I do agree. Narrow Sidebar is better. The less items (or s**ts) the better for any application.