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Workspace - count indicator

  • Honestly, workspaces are unusable for me without some sort of indicator that there are some tabs open inside workspace.
    A little dot just like the built in messenger and whats-app already have.
    I guess if you work with them on daily basis you don't really need that but if you work with them occasionally - that's completely different story. I would forget I put something to another workspace a hour later 😕

    I already wrote it here:
    but I feel like this deserves a topic of its own.

  • Instead of dot I'd better prefer workspace's blue icon if there are opened tabs in the workspace and when hovering by the cursor there should be a tooltip 'Workspace name + number of tabs opened'.
    If there are no tabs in workspaces, then icon will be the regular black/white in light/dark themes respectively.


  • @andrew84 Yes, Anything would be great. Your idea sounds good too 🙂

  • @andrew84 I'm all for the feature, but I like aesthetic solutions. The less words, the more informative. We all know Workspaces keep tabs and nothing more. 🙂 So "with X tabs" is redundant. Simply alone X should suffice. But..

    Let it be for example:
    Workspace 3 - 5
    Workspace 3 / 5
    Workspace 3 | 5
    Workspace 3 (5)
    Workspace 3 [5]

    I always changed names of all my workspaces to be more informative so I was shifting the numbers to the first places. The best solution to the count number yet it'd be to use # for tabs number. Selection of separation mark(s) should be left to the user. Thus you might define your tooltips more freely.

    Workspace 3 | #

    However If you moved workspace number to the first place you'd have more aesthetic options.

    3 Workspace - #
    4 Workspace / #
    5 Workspace | #
    6 Covid (#)
    7 Weather [#]

    The hash will be changed to the real number by Opera itself.

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