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Opera comments on competition law case against Google in the United States

  • By Per Wetterdal, Executive Vice President, Opera This week, the United States Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google. We wanted to provide some commentary around browsers and Google, considering that browsers are extremely open platforms, with a large degree of user freedom and choice.  Opera is a thriving browser company  Opera is an…

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  • Not really addressing the big elephant in the room, are we? Is Google's dominance (both in the browser market as well as among search engines) something which should be addressed, curtailed, or allowed to continue? Not entirely surprised by your neutral stance, especially considering Opera's current ownership.

    Edit : Also wanted to point out that, in terms of search engine choice, Opera is much more limited than many of its competitors (including Chrome). You have made a conscious decision, explained inadequately in terms of 'security' to not allow setting a default search engine in Opera which isn't on your limited preset list. Not very 'open', I think.

  • @shintoplasm01: Well said! I hate the fact they want to censer us period like they doing in the U.S.

  • I know in the past that Google sent Opera broken code on Google's different sites (I know as I helped to test a browser.js to fix one of the sites). Chrome has become IE 6.

  • I, too, was surprised to see that added search engines can't be set as the default. Surprised but not dismayed: Is two extra key-presses too onerous? A letter for the keyword and a space before your search string doesn't seem a great inconvenience...

    Indeed, there may be financial deals in place prioritizing the "standard" search engines.
    And, likely, most users won't notice, let alone be bothered by such. TIA, I'm not really that surprised! Opera does need to make money where it can, and Google, et al, do pay in some way or other... I long ago relinquished my fear of Google: I know the drawbacks and risks, and I deal with them when I must. For me, it's a case of "good enough" for casual use. Just as I'd never use Wikipedia for serious research, I'd not depend on one search engine to get to crucial information.
    And since I don't have to I am not too bothered by this "lack of openness". Don't let Perfect be the enemy of Good! is my advice.

  • Nice sharing.